Saturday, 2 March 2013


Not my rumours you understand but those of others and along with comments I have seen made by some that were wrong and a bit silly but I will just run through what I understand at present, before diving in a bit deeper.

As far as I am aware both consoles, Sony PS4 and XBOX 720, are going to be remarkably similar in their chips and power.

As far as I know there is talk of 8 cores in the CPU side and AMD Radeon at least for the PS4 but what I cannot fathom for sure is exactly what the GPU specifics are because everyone is speaking about the CPU like it is a single 8 core unit and they call it Jaguar. As far as I know the only 8 core CPUs that AMD produce are BULLDOZER, PILEDRIVER and the next iteration is STEAMROLLER between late 2013 and early 2014!

SO what is this other EIGHT CORE CPU?

Well I would wager that if it IS eight cores then they are using TWO CPUs?!

If so then the graphics chip version everyone is talking about may actually have TWO?!

I say this because I have seen many people disappointed while others reply to that disappointment by pointing out quite correctly that the PC is built VERY differently and that it has to cater for a hungry horse of a Windows OS and many other programs, stand alone or background, simultaneously.

The odd thing is I had long thought that the sensible route for both the PS4 and the XBOX would be the dual APU route. Lower power, twice the graphics and proper x86 cores all developers are familiar with. You know it makes sense?! Now I wonder if that is indeed they route they have taken.

Now this leads me onto the other thing that has disappointed people in that they have stated that they can get more graphical power from a PC?! Umm well that has always been the case when these things are released mate! But it never seemed that way because PC games players are short changed by the game developers and I really DO mean that. PORTING is a lazy and greedy way out. It is almost like selling only square pegs to everyone despite whether or not they have square or round holes...ALMOST.

No what happens is that when the new consoles and games come out, and largely what i have been waiting for for over a year now, is that then these games show us PC users, or at  least those of us with the knowledge, exactly what the SLI system we have now owned for a year is capable of?! Well maybe owned a few months unless you are water cooling, lol.

No so I think when launched and tested along with a handful of games I think it will be no different to all other launches and wow factors, I really do and then I and other PC gamers will be salivating and eyeing up that dinghy to wade through our gooey living rooms wondering when these titles, and other developers, get their releases out to us?! Funny they always talk about how can they are and want to push the envelope of the technology but they do not really. Or at least a VERY tiny fraction of games developers do with Bethesda being, or at least so it appears, being the only one I can think of.

Then I go and get bloody annoyed with them and email them tearing crap from them because I put up videos up of me playing parts of Skyrim, which is currently frustrating to achieve, more so to upload and then I am told off for monetizing the video, so people clicking on adverts I get tiny payments for and they do not like it?! Jesus Christ man sort out your god damn copyright and stop appearing to be run by a bunch of blood sucking vampires bleeding people for money for the same old thing over and over again....or lawyers, lol.

If I do a video of me gardening I do not have to pay Draper, or me using Office i do not have to pay Microsoft, or me using laptop I do not have to pay HP. You get free advertising of your product, especially as I show laptop users what they can and cannot get away with and I get refused permission?!

Well let us see how that pans out for you?! lol.

I digress...I do that a lot!

Anyway I now am very keen to see these things launched and even pictures of thie things would be nice despite me not going to buy one and never owning one, except a PSP when it launched. It is interesting to see the designs and you never know they just might bring out something and with such a fabulous design, well yes they have been crap up until now and really should take a gander at the dozens concept designs from fans out there as their are some damn good one, that will make me want to buy one?!


So the rest of 2013 is going to be very interesting in this field indeed...

I WILL build a new RIG

PS4 and XBOX 720 launches with all next gen gaming titles...

AMD Steamroller I would wager appears September or October

Radeon HD 8970 and nVidia Geforce 780 graphics cards should be out too

Leap Motion (Motion Control 1000s time better than KINECT?!)

Vuse Eye Glass Mobile Headset

You know along with other things I have going on from this coming week up until May this year ad with everything else on the other blogs I have having their own developments I may just ... EXPLODE with EXCITEMENT during 2013.

Ooh that 13 ... will that number actually go and do it again?!?!


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