Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Right OK... a bit...weird.

Rebooted and then got the Additional Driver thing to look and find, AGAIN, the ATI driver. Started the Driver download and install, think linux calls everything a download, and it immediately came up fail.

only when I OK'd the box and it vanished I got a progress bar that was over half way through immediately?! So picking up where it left off from previous reboot then I take it?!

Oddly I did not do anything else on this occasion upon booting into Ubuntu and only concentrated in getting this driver in place. That now seems to have taken place and it is asking me to restart!

So provided there is a little more speed, less of the pregnant pauses and that fan idles down and stop cooking my thighs until they are raw I may have just man-handled Ubuntu into full submission?!

If only.

Right restart and see what happens...or goes FIZZ...POP!!


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