Saturday, 23 March 2013


Right the time is almost upon us...or just me, lol.

I have had some really bad days being two things...

Very ill and in a great deal of pain and even spent an entire day in a useless hospital that has nothing but the stench of death for me, having many friends and family die there it is becoming stupid.

Anyway I am recovering slowly and hopefully tomorrow I will be indoors all, or at least most, of the day.

I am going to try a couple of things to see if I can get the current installation of Windows 7 up and booting again?!

I have two methods to be able to do this by way of a Recovery Disk I have acquired and a Windows 7 Full DVD of Home Premium, I will TEACH them for not providing a hard copy?! LMAO!

Anyway failing these two methods I will at least get in and send all my Windows files off to an external 2 Terabyte Hard Drive and then will do the same with the Ubuntu files.

Then and very early next week I have something arriving and it is a caddy that turns my Optical Drive bay into a HDD/SSD Drive bay.

Now I have two options with that in the I DO have a 160GB Western Digital Scorpio Drive here which I could USE to install Ubuntu to or I could get something else.

An SSD would be a bit if a stretch at this point in time and I would want to load Windows 7 onto an SSD anyway as it would need it more than Ubuntu! LOL. Poor Windows!

SO that is what is coming up shortly, the last post or two where I get everything back and NOT to the way it was before but BETTER!

I will obviously do the odd video, albeit shorter and minus the cussing this time, lol.

Ooh yeah and that Ubuntu book should arrive too?!

Hmm but now remembered I am hearing about 13.04 now so i might look that up on the Internet so what people are saying about it?! I am thinking that the 13.04 will be like the 12.04 and be a Long Term Support OS and the 13.10 will be like the 12.10?!

Still got a great deal to get my head round with this and the two Linux Magazines could use a little work too?! Blimey guys you are supposed to make the OS appeal to a wider audience and I wanted to yawn in places! Got annoyed with myself when I was tempted to flick on past whole sections so have to keep picking them up and going through it.

Not even my Linux Pocket Guide book by O'Reilly has been that bad?! Lol.

Now I am sure there is something else I have ordered and do not know if it is related to this blog or another....ooh I know it is another harness but for my bird watching binoculars!! LOL!

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