Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Oh my god ... that was the most excruciating 24 hours of my life I can EVER recall?!

Madness! Well I gave up filming and it turned out I had lost track of how many videos I did and I have also MISLAID some of the parts as they are in the UBUNTU section of my hard drive and I cut and past videos to free up the memory on the SD Card.

I have used and always did for years all the betas of Windows from Windows 95 up until Windows 2000 and possibly beyond that but since XP I have not bothered.

Now up until now, save to odd blue screens of death which were rare for me I have to admit the most infuriating the a new OS did was actually Windows XP and I DID NOT EVEN OWN THE DAMN THING?! LOL.

You may realise that from that statement I was referring to the official full release version where Microsoft made, what is no matter WHAT you or they say, an terrible school boy blunder as on release I think everyone I know that had it with a new computer it turned out they could NOT GET ON THE INTERNET. It refused to talk to the supplied MODEM?!

It was, it turned out, to be something really stupid and i even dated a woman when her friend at a works do said to me "This is Susan she has a problem with her new computer and i wondered if you could help?" and this was at Land Rover!

"Let me guess..." I said before she could speak "...you cannot get on the Internet?" Wide eyed and open mouthed she said "how the hell did you know that?! Tony did you tell him?" whereas he replied "No, I told yo he was good?!" when the reality was I had heard it so many times and from EVERYONE I knew or even did not know that had just bought a computer with Windows XP installed on it. I am amazed at how many PC suppliers failed to realise there was a problem before shipping them out?!

I went round with a floppy disk and Sue, looking like a blond Susan Sarandon that made my eyes water in desire, went off to put the kettle on. On her return to my seated position at her computer desk she continued to tell me the problem when she suddenly stopped and said "Wait a minute! YOU HAVE A WEBPAGE UP?!?!" to which I said "I KNOW" and she said "but you did that in the time I went and put the kettle on?!" and it turned out that my work colleague Tony had a mate who was supposed to be a computer nerd and he had spent 5 whole nights round there and gave up?!

We ended up dating, albeit very briefly and it was a little odd for me in all honesty and that was that.

I am afraid to say Ubuntu 12.04, the one NOT referred to as a CATASTROPHE, was a CATASTROPHE!

Now you either need one of two things here...

1) Another 5 years... and /or


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