Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Well it is 14:42 in the afternoon!

LTS Means Long Term Support? Well it needs it I tell you that for nothing and in all honesty after this you will not catch me going anywhere NEAR a BETA of any Linux OS...

...I have used a great many beta Windows over they years along with Release Candidate Versions too. Yes they had their issues and lock ups but this has already turned out to be the most painful - OOPS ") SECOND LOCK UP AGAIN - oeprating system I have come across in 30 years?! I have used a fair few too!!

My god does someone get paid money for saying it is very easy to install and useful?! Its the most annoying OS I have ever tried to get up and running and on the power you have TODAY that is saying something?!

If it had behaved like this on my previous laptop, I.E. SINGLE CORE AMD SEMPRON, it would not even BOOT UP!!

I have had several cups of tea...

Taken a dum ... spent time contemplating life the universe and everything! LOL!

Sorted out half my living room!

Put the washing machine on Quick Wash to clean it out and now half way through washing first of two lots of clothes.

Cleaned one half of Kitchen!

Cleaned OTHER HALF of Kitchen!!

Done of my WASHING UP!

In between all that I have taken 6 or 7 videos, maybe more, of me doing umm THIS! Which was started around 9PM last night?!?!

Ooh it hurts like my teeth are being slowly pulled with no general or local anesthetic whatsoever!! LOL!

It failed to download the Graphics DRIVERS TWICE?!

Keeps locking, there it goes again, while typing this out?!

Currently trying SECOND ATTEMPT at installing updates in the hope that all this stops and work the way a Linux OS SHOULD work?!

So far it has not gone well at all and i only hope I do eventually get to a stable and speedy OS?! PLEEEEEAAAAAAAASE?!!?!?


Damn it! really annoying and it just locked up completely for about 20 seconds and I did not even have mouse control at all?!


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