Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I an afraid to say that as ever the journalists are LATE.

I just spent a couple Weeks trying to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu and after cursing the Linux OS it became obvious that it was Windows 7 and Microsoft that deliberately went out of outs way not to play fair.

Unfortunately for Microsoft this includes the user and their hardware as will as Linux!!

A fresh overall and no bloody internet a la Windows XP. I have always maintained that Windows is shit and assert initially liking Windows 7 the releases of H8 and this fiasco has changed my mind.

Tossers they really are and now I hope Canonical are not going to turn into them?! Same old..same old..shit!!

Give them twice the fine that the biggest one was....no three times as much and take the same amount from Steve Ballmers personal account. You need to make an example and so far you any done jack!

Wonkers never learn.

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