Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Well I am BACK and logged onto Ubuntu.

Had a look around to see what I can. Tried to update a few drivers but that jockey thing kept telling it it crashed, even though I am told something I downloaded is there.

I have downloaded CONFIZCONFIG in the hope i can turn off V-Sync as that has reported problems on HP Laptops and it says it is installed despite a message stating jockey failed, I guess it was something else?!

It also seems to be updating this through the Updates Manager and hopefully something in there might make a difference. Seems a little better and not freezing up as much, which is weird. My bloody thighs are being cooked though! Now to find this config utility program and get into some graphics settings?!

Right let me see if I can mess around for awhile and see how the land lies so to speak.

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