Monday, 11 March 2013


Well it has been a long time since I last used Linux and dual booted it alongside Windows errr Windows NT 4.0 if I recall. Or possibly Windows 200, or 98...ohh I cannot recall which one.

Come to think of it I cannot recall which Linux version or more specifically which Red Hat version it was?! Does Red Hat still exist?!

Anyway after someone, HI PETER LOL, put this thought in my head and it wwas being talked about an that Computer Active special edition...thingy of software I thought I would mosey on over to the Ubuntu website and have a look see?!

Well it seems interesting enough for me to want to investigate further and it does not seem anything like the pain in the posterior that Red Hat was?! INdeed several lecturers at Middlesex University at the time were amazed that I not only attempted to dual boot Windows and Linux but that I succeeded and did not ask any of them to help solve issues getting it set up!

"EASY PEASEY!!" I said all cocky to them while the all raised eyebrows in turn before I then said "nahh your joking it took me a full 48 hours to work out how to do it?!" to which they laughed. Still they were surprised I did it all the same which surprised me that they were surprised. I got that a great deal in my four years of studying!

Anyway I have not considered Linux since those days long past but cannot deny I have not wondered how things have changed. I have long admired the Linux OS and Linus Torvalds as well as Unix and Solaris. Apple cottoned on to this very early on and really recreated Unix in their own image. Groan!

Anyway I was pretty impressed with things I have read about and I should have picked up some time ago when I started seeing Magazines for Linux Users alongside the usual PC Format and MAC Format fair and wares?!

Should have trusted my instincts there and taken the plunge and bought a copy!!

Anyway UBUNTU 10.04 the Long Term Support version is currently downloading, not too slow for once but has been at it 30 minutes or so. Once done I will burn the ISO Image and then make a USB KEY with it and give it a look see.

I am actually looking forward to this!!

Hell if I am THAT impressed I may EVEN INSTALL IT, using WUBI?!?!

But before I decide to do that I will check out and research much about it and see what the lay of the land is. The trouble with Operating Systems, or more specifically SWITCHING THEM, is that as many find out there is always something you want or need to do that you have to used Windows for and I have always found that infuriating!! Hence why I and others always ended up dual booting, well I just did it in the beginning purely because it could be done in theory and I wanted to test that!! LMAO!

Well it has just tipped over 600MB of the 695MB download and it has just occurred to me that this does not seem very big, lol.

Once I have full tested and researched it I will let you know on here what I think but you must remember that on a computer there is nothing that I do not end up either doing or need to do. Some things become more mainstream while others are minimal but this can switch around....


Videos & Editing



Compressing (ZIPPING)


Encoding Sound Files

File Conversions


Office Suites (Spreadsheets, Databases (not of late but will again I bet))

and probably a dozen others I cannot think of, off the top of my head?!

Right its done to to go and PLAY!!


  1. Heyyy.... I got a mention lol
    I saw the other post before this one. So, how are you going to work it, a dual boot or just Ubuntu. A dual boot with Ubuntu on first is the easiest but I've heard isn't there something in Win7 to stop dual boot but you can get round this as there is something you turn off in Window$. And a Wubi install is where you install Ubuntu INSIDE Window$, NOT alongside it. Thats where you boot windows and then run Ubuntu as a PROGRAM in Window$. The drawback in that method is you don't get to appreciate the full speed of Ubuntu.

  2. Now it was dual boot using that Wubi thing, I call it a thing as i have no idea how it works lol. No as I know you now realise it was dreadfully slow and I am only pleased I did not try it on my previous laptop, lol.

    That HP Pavilion was minus two cores on this one and itself was less powerful than one of mine so I doubt it would have even gotten the desktop GUI up?! lol.

    It does look very interesting though and I am keen to get it working but its finding the timeand the patience....

    What with the blogs, numerous days out fetching shopping tanked up on painkillers plus I have THREE HOSPITAL appointments coming up, been trying to book appointment with my GP and I cannot even recall....ooh the pain in my gorin that was it, lol.

    Then there are the videos, Youtube account, photos and I still do not know quite whether I have this Google Adsense thing worked out and you need to do a three years degree to understand the data they [resent to you which in all honesty makes no darn sense at all... fact I would rather go back to this Ubuntu than to go back to the beginning and try to understand Google's Adsense!! LMAO!

    Asked on forums and other places as well as direct emails and you het diddley squat so I guess they want you to spend another two days a week on top of the three they say you are supposed to spend on your blogs figuring out what the Google Adsense data as well as the Google Analytics data all means?! NICE!

    Addedto that I am using StatCounter which seems to give quite different numbers to Google. There is something VERY WRONG but I have yet to discover exactly what it is but I am slowly working on it bit by bit.

    Plus any lengthy sessions on my laptop and I am all scrunched up and back and feet hurt and my thighs look like to lumps o boiled ham from the heat, especially if I play Skyrim!! LMAO!