Thursday, 14 March 2013


Well I do seem to have a bone to pick with AMD...

For the love of god sort out the Linux driver issue for Christ's sake?!

First off I have been trying to sort this now for THREE days!!

AMD's Catalyst for Linux in bloody abysmal it really is. Ubuntu is not very good even in a shell, command line window, at telling me what it is doing at any given time. I get nothing for ten minutes then a flurry of activity, trying for the umpteenth time to unzip and install drivers for my Radeon GPUs of which I have two different ones!

It now seems to have stopped and stating it is completed but I want to run the command that tells me if it has or not?! SHEESH!!

As for AMD I am really surprised at this as I never had them down as a company that outs all their eggs in one basket?! Unless my GPUs are just too old for them to care about.

But as Valve have now released Steam on Linux and I dare say gradually everyone's game titles, fingers crossed, and the reaction to Windows 8 not to mention Steve Bullmers leaping about stages screaming and disturbing people I would strongly suggest keeping a close eye on Linux and sort your drivers out.

The driver issue has always surprised me and though I have had a great deal of AMD's cards, and when they were ATI, as well as nVidia GPUs I have noever really had driver issues but I know a great many have. No driver means no card and you cannot have one without the other!

So these issues I read about of late I find rather surprising if I am honest and i fail to see how a high tech piece of silicon can be planned, designed, manufactured to the highest standards, sold, mounted in a PCB with RAM and FANS, put in a box and shipped out to be sold on a shelf somewhere. All that goes on and yet some guys righting some code on a computer to act as drivers and they have all these issues of late?!

Too many doughnuts to get through?!


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