Friday, 15 March 2013


Right that was very odd. Turned out it needed a reboot to register that the partition, yep wrong Wubi bit, was gone and I realised when it showed I had 280 GB of space.

Only on reboot the dual boot partition is still there, but no big deal as you could, if you have this problem too, go into the BIOS and set time to '0' seconds. Or there is the fixboot option too.

There are a great many descriptions and answers given by people in the forums that seem to go 'right around the houses' to fix this problem and will be baffling and unnecessary to many.

I need my head examined as I have now decided to REINSTALL UBUNTU and have this really stupid idea that I did things in the WRONG order when I was first logged on the first time and...

...well my damned curiosity to get to the truth, it is another bloody puzzle Martin, and see if I am right has led me to go through it all AGAIN?!


Only THIS TIME I am going to do things VERY differently to what I did last time and think I made a mistake in treating it like a Windows install and should have been more...AWARE.

Did not help that I was unfamiliar with many Linux OS's either and I have had a play about and know what everything does and where it all is, well enough anyway, and now want to put my theory to the test.

So in case it goes wrong you might want to ignore the screaming and shouting in the next couple of posts as it is my own fault for having to do things right and refusing to be beaten by anyone or indeed ANYTHING!


Hopefully I will get it right and then I can put on here the correct sequence to a nice Ubuntu 12.04 LTS install on iffy hardware, eh Hewlett Packard?!?!


DO you all have ear plugs?! Hehehe.

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