Sunday, 29 September 2013



After thinking that the feature set of the new iPhone 5S was actually quite respectable and beginning to get an interest in finding out more about it, as I have been playing about with an iPhone 4S for a couple of weeks now, today I was bought down to Earth.

In much the modern tradition of lying and tricking of the public it seems that amidst all the fiasco of way over-priced and cheap and Fish Priced looking iPhone 5Cs and non existent iPhone 5Ss I stumble across this webpage...,24333.html

SO THEN these guys claim that this M7 Processor Apple claim is inside the iPhone 5S & C does not exist and is a lie. Also they mentioned the M7 CO-Processor, I was not previously aware of them mentioning is one, is ALSO MISSING?!

If this turns out to be true then for me it just about sums up in a nutshell just how distant, aloof and evil these companies have become to that of the rest of the human race?!

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