Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Best pictures if the unveiled XBox One I have found here in wired...

Close Up With Xbox One: Every Photo You Could Ever Want | Gadget Lab |

Well the slab of plastic does seen to have all but grown up?!

I must admit to being somewhat surprised at the pictures I have seen if the upcoming games console! It is very stylish to the point that it is the first gaming console I have actually thought "I want one!"

The Kinect looks very cool too as well as sounding like it is a big improvement on the first instalment. However I am surprised as I did think that this would be built into the console itself. But then this could have had its own problems I suppose with placement of the console itself I'm the optimum location could be tricky in certain situations.

Still it has taking Microsoft the attempts to produce something oozing cool let us how it is quiet too?!

Let us also hope that there are no shenanigans like the Windows refusing to cone out and play when LINUX is around?!

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