Saturday, 16 February 2013


That Crysis Maximum Edition game I have been posting about!

£9.99 is what I bought it for at Game.

Very cool this and only likely to be let down by ending far too quickly...

Problem is though it does make playing it over again less attractive than say the Bethesda Games...but I AM likely to play it again though! LOL!!

Hmm I do have the two expansion discs though?!?! :)

That box is very chunky! Would be cool if Elder Scrolls came in a box like that as they are such huge games and deserve attention to detail...

...sorry I am a very tangible person when it comes to things I love and I do love Elder Scrolls as I do books and do not want everything to be purely in digital form. This would be such a bad thing I think but then I do not think it would happen with books anyway, I just hope it does not happen with games!!

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