Friday, 15 February 2013


Well how about that?

After spending absolutely days and nights uploading many Gigabytes of videos to my YouTube account  using my frail Mobile Internet connection on 3 Mobile, that does not even come close but neither do the others either if they work at all, I get an odd email from Google?!

My video settings were set-up so that any videos I upload are monetized, well you would wouldn't you?!

Only I have uploaded DOZENS of game playing videos but Google have emailed me regarding only ONE OF THEM stating that I cannot monetize the video unless I have the rights or permission?!

So instead of getting angry I have emailed the software outfit in question and asked them about this and I have stated that I find this quite bizarre as I write a blog about mobile gaming and that I would have bought their four titles over a year ago if not for misinformation on the Internet. I also stated that by doing this videos and taking the time to upload them I am actually giving them free advertising of there product while showing it to thousands of people who may have thought playing it on a laptop impossible?!

I also stated that IF I film my grandchildren in a garden in the summer playing in a paddling pool I do not expect the manufacturer to start complaining about his product being shown to the world either and of course if you think about it you would have to be damned careful where to point a camera would you not?!

Think about it for a moment...just about any object manufactured in anyway getting caught on film could be a potential nightmare when it comes to uploading?!

I do find this quite bizarre and was really surprised to be honest.

I cannot help but think about the big computing companies who are always in the news lately and have been for the last several years all suing each other.

The latest of these now is between Apple and British Telecom and I cannot help but wonder if there is firstly anyone at all Apple hos not been in court against or whether or not just the Apple v Samsung thing alone will ever end, let alone any other or any to come?!

It is quite worrying really it is almost like they realise that world domination is possible of they perform a pre-emptive strike on their rivals for some absolutely trivial bloody thing that shows them up for the evil empire that they are or want to become.

More concerning is that the idiot fans fail to realise they are being used or manipulated or just are brain dead and do not care! LMAO!

Will there EVER be a company that does not come across like its every employee is called Stewie Griffin?!


Oh and this is not the thig I referred to in a previous post either, just one more thing to crop up on my road to ... WORLD DOMINATION!!! (evil laugh!) hahahahaha!

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