Saturday, 16 February 2013




Want to hear something mad? I had two copies of this game when I purchased this recently in a Cash Exchange store?! Reason is first off I did not have a cover for either and that is because the two I have came free with my Gigabyte Geforce 6800GT Graphics Card (times TWO) when I built my SLI Rig!

Still sound mad? Well I have a fond affection of this game as one of the best enjoyments in gaming ever along with the first time I soiled my pants. My sister well not forget laughing at this so in broad daylight on a sunny day I got her to run around the old Asylum and up that spiral staircase. Once I peeled her torso from the wall 8 feet away from the monitor I simply smiled and said 'I told you so!'

She did not want to open that door at the top I can tell you that for nothing!

Now this won some deisgn award or other and I am not surprised but what DID surprise me was the fact that the team sort of vaporised, well I don't remember EXACTLY, not long after this.

A real shame that was and Elder Scrolls Oblivion & Skyrim do remind me of this at the time, though without the scarecrow masked residents of that run down asylum!

I will probably go and find out that half the THIEF team now work on Elder Scrolls now?! LMAO!

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