Saturday, 9 February 2013


Well three seems to be the buzzword of the moment with all of the biggest names all focused on that number...

It was not long ago when a YouTube app from those guys in Canada of TechSource.TV that I first heard of a third Half-Life 3 game but thought it merely a industry joke due to the time that has passed since Gordon's second outing.

This morning and while installing... something, lol, I noticed some news on Steam that there is now talk of a Half-Life MOVIE?! Added to this was news of a third instalment of The Witcher and I have now realised that there are no less than THREE expansion packs available for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?!

I had seen Dawnguard in my local Game store but did not know of Heathfire, but then why would I keep abreast of it as Skyrim is outta reach to me currently ... WAHHHHH!!! Anyway, ahem, well as well as those two, err or is it one, there is now Dragonborn too.

My God I really do need to start planning a PC Gaming Rig Build I really do?!

Maybe it might be ready for Elder Scrolls VII: Earthedge, The Witcher 5, Fallout New London Same Old Same Old and Medal of Dishonoured? LMAO?!

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