Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Here is a little film I did on my camera just to show a friend of mine and is one of two with the other one containing some of the mutated wildlife found in the post apocalyptic setting within fallout New Vegas.

But once I did it I thought it would help others with laptops who are constantly misinformed that they cannot get many games to run on mobile graphics, just like the game store told me about Elder Scrolls Oblivion,until the guy nearly chocked when i had told him I was already playing Fallout 3 quite happily. Knowing what I did not and that Fallout 3 had a much more advanced game engine that Elder Scrolls IV he said oh well you will have no problem with Oblivion then!

I think Skyrim may be pushing it a bit too far but everything else is fair game though.

Still I might buy Skyrim ... JUST TO SEE?! LMAO!

Veronia and Eddie accompany me in the photos, though I do get fed up of saving her backside sometimes and getting killed myself in the process...but what's a guy to do? LOL!!

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