Tuesday, 29 January 2013

GAMING: Deus Ex Human Revolution

Due to the previous Deus Ex Invisible War I played I was very keen to hear that there was a new release in the series of Deus Ex called Human Revolution and got a hold of a copy.

From initial demos I saw it looked absolutely stunning and oddly it was seeing this that made me want to build a new RIG. I do not have a rig by the way and it has been 6 years since I last built one.

This was something I spotted that made me want to get back into building, which I wanted to do as a business many times, that had my sweating and hating my situation caused by my unknown health problems, although almost there STILL UNKNOWN!! (see Corruption Blog for more details on that)

But then despite its lavish looks I then heard PC users complaining about it, possibly being a ported game, which really is a rip off way of doing things and the graphics, or details, in the games end up being worse than there XBox and PS3 equivalents  This is for me bad practice and is a rip off as the PC is always capable of much more eye candy than any gaming console and even true on the LAUNCH DAY of them too, along with the NEXT ONES...

Basically if the XBox and PlayStation versions LOOK BETTER you have been ripped off, more or less and that is how everyone feels and I do not blame them.

However for me this is hard to tell as I have been absent from all this for so very long now. This will become obvious over the next few posts I make but I have been playing Deus Ex Human Revolution and I bloody love it!!

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