Tuesday, 29 January 2013


A little old now and I got it very cheap, couple of pounds I think, but love it and have since the very first one, called X Beyond the Frontier (CLEVER!)

Absolutely massive game this and even the Fallouts and Elder Scrolls cannot come close, well yet anyway, when it comes to longevity, played previous one for months and months and still had plenty to do! This makes this title the only game whereby the previous version came closest to still being played before the next version comes out!! Build, Trade, Dogfights, Several Friendly Alien races and a few evil ones too. Finding your self in the corner of a star sector and the way out cut off by pirates intent on killing you and after thinking there is no way out then spotting and asteroid field. Then navigating through it before making a full speed run to a jump gate?! Exhilarating!! LOL.

Now I want to see this X REBIRTH title released and I hear it is a ground up recreation... oops I my keyboard os fizzing and popping from that dribbling I failed to notice?! LMAO!

Had it awhile and was shocked it runs as smooth with everything on MAX on my...
Radeon HD 5470 M!!

Of course no surprise as I have been playing Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Fallout 3 and New Vegas and cannot help but wonder if I will be able to play SKYRIM?! But I will resist the temptation for when I build a new RIG as I want ALL that EYE CANDY TURNED ON!! LMAO!!

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