Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I got this cheap because annoyingly, despite being a bloody old title now, I will have to have this installed if I am to play the soon to be released...

Lock On Flaming Cliffs 3

Though why I would have to do this I do not know...

Also despite what they say about these titles they are extremely frustraing to install and work for a whole bloody list of reasons and Eagle Dynamics are pretty shit for customer service and support really as you will note from this and the following post...

In MENUS in full screen the pointer disappears and only appears in flickers meaning you GUESS what you are clicking on?!

Installation is BAD and registration was coded by brain dead monkeys, normal monkeys would have done a far better job!

Still it does eventually RUN!!! LOL..

I asked Eagle Dynamics about the menu issue and no answer, other than 'oh we lost your email could you go on our site and re-submit it?!'

A game programming team that loses email? Oh dear! lol.

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