Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Good one this one! Are you ready?

Right wanted to play this title for ages, I do actually have Comanche 4 by Novalogic around here somewhere. Only when I ordered DCS: Black Shark 2 it arrives as one and I figured I must have made a mistake...

Only when I eventually install this I have that flickering menu pointer issue, and no switching off aero in Windows 7 does not resolve it, you also get in Lock On Modern Air Combat?!

Then it asks me for a serial code I do NOT have as it was purchased used from Amazon. So I contact Eagle Dynamics and explain the issue and guess what? Yes ... NOTHING!! 

I have had this sitting in my pile for three months now I think and one day I will actually get to fly one of these things!

When will the morons that produce games realise they will make MORE money when they stop crippling their own software as well as make it run faultlessly with a several year old operating system like Windows 7. If you are unfortunate enough to be running Windows 8 then I would strongly urge you, before splashing out the 30 to 50 asking prices, to email said company and request compatibility!

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