Tuesday, 29 January 2013


What I hope my new RIG will be, and I DO NEED to do a post on an up to date of what I have worked out. Or as I like to call it ... THE WHEAT I FOUND AMONGST THE CHAFF!!

AMD FX-8350                                                    [HOPING: STEAMROLLER RELEASE or 8550]
Vertex 4 240GB SSD Drive                                 [LONGEVITY ISSUES OF SSD?!]
Western Digital Raptors 2TB x 2 in RAID 1 ARRAY
Gigabyte UD 3 or 5 Motherboard
Gigabyte or Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 Graphics Card [HOPING: 8970]
8GB CRUCIAL OC RAM                                   [16 GB]
Viewsonic 27 INCH LED MONITOR                   [TIMES THREE]
Logitech Laser Mouse
Logitech Keyboard Top End for Typing!!

The things in aquare brackets [] are what I am HOPING I will get eventually.

Oh and for the idiot fanboys out there, I WILL ONLY SEE THE ABOVE SETUP BEING FASTER IN 90% of things from me USING IT. Everything Intel is faster in you only know because a piece of software tells you!

In other words I will NOT see anything running more slowly but I WILL see things running a lot faster!!

Possibly others I will add BELOW this point in time...

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