Tuesday, 29 January 2013



My God! What a love, hate relationship I have with this title?! On first installing it I assumed I was doing something wrong and the first battle with the Salamandra, yes to my repitle people I did type SALAMNDRA as that is what they are called I kid you not, I could not win nor die.

This was infuriating and in the end I put it down to the game and was going to return it to the Game Store, depite a suspicion that they do not accept Windows Games returns!

It seemed when looking around on the internet I was not the only one to suffer from this peculiarity which was that deaspite how long I battled I neither died, nor would die and did not seem to be able to control anything at all.

On the second running of this title suddenly the problem righted itself and I noticed Salamandra bandits falling in battle and that I had much more control of the main character...

...fast forward a fair section and I have been running around a village battling rabid dogs that glow in the dark ... a spooky green, killed swathes of drowners and other ilk. However now my love for this game had increased beyond that what I was expecting until I find the Salamandra's secret cottage... not big enough to swing a mouse and yet their are, contained within, four Salamandra with one a boss. No group boss as opposed to a level boss, kids, eh?! LOL.

I am supposed to kill them and yet every time I enter they are upon me as if possess Superman's X-Ray vision and i am struck several times before I can even draw my sword and yet again I find myself dying repeatedly?! Oh for the love o'...

Oddly no matter how much I battle I only ever kill two of them repeatedly and this includes constantly head-butting the door in the hope of opening it and luring them outside, which does not work either?! Oh for the love o'...

I do hope the second one has more control and more sense although this is yet another title that I had read could no way be run smoothly on a laptop with my CPU and my Graphics Card!

Despite admitting I do have to have the extra graphics bits turned down somewhat I am well aware that with my GAMING RIG I crave using an AMD FX 8350 and a Radeon HD 8970 or GEFORCE 680 I am at odds to understand the webpage after webpage I come across that has no end of those fanboys types stating that the FX's are NOT gaming CPUs. This insinuates that you cannot run any of the latest games on it when I have YET to actually by anything that FAILS COMPLETELY to be playable on my humble laptop!

Though the closest I came to a crawl until again turning a few things off would be the one up next...


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