Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Today I was out and I visited the Game store and had a look around as well as having a bit of a chat with a guy that works in there...

We had a chat about games, Steam and a few other things besides and I told him of my BSc Single Honours Degree and my interview with Pivotal Games way back when. We agreed on several things to do with gaming and after leaving I was walking back to my friends store with his Tea Bags I got for them.

Now when I reached the store having made my way through the piercing and biting winds coming down from the Arctic and likely from freezing North America before that while on its travels to Iberia and even North Africa I pulled  my smart phone out of my pocket and swiped it into life.

Now I did a little check on something with a particular app on my phone and once realised I put something into practice... partly this is due to the fact that I do now feel I am coming up to some ... juncture with everything I have been planning and now actively doing for the last errrrrrrrrrr 6 or 7 months. LOL. Needless to say many that have glimpsed even just at the titles of my other blogs will no doubt think me having a unique insight into a great many things. One of these things I wanted to get into was the internet and in particular the claims that I, or rather I should say that many OTHERS, have made.

Confused? Well I have not finished with you just yet, but trust me all will be revealed but little stunts like this I normally pull on one other blog and not dine anything like this on any of the subjects I care about. However there has been a pattern I have seen on the internet and it is part of the reason I do NOT DO forums. This is a reason other than the one of the God complex that affects many and mostly those that do not have the perception to do what they are supposed to, though thankfully this is not always the case.

What am I on about? Ooooh nothing, just a little idea I have in mind due to something else I am planning that I have MENTIONED before.

Now the waiting will not be long for this one I promise you and the first set of things will probably start around a week from today. No more than that unless something out of my control postpones it but it could be a couple of days earlier, rather depends on factors involved.

I must say when I think about it I do think that BOTH parts of this little test are, as you will see, somewhat ambitious to say the least! But I thought it would prove somewhat interesting to try and see if I can actually prove points I HAVE already made and test a theory I have NOT divulged. Though if I do divulge my theory no one that reads this will likely be surprised at what I will post and certainly those that read my BLOG on corruption will likely think how obvious it was and why they, or I, did not think of doing it before.

Confused? Yes you are most definitely are and will be until ... next week at the outside.

Hmm I am kind looking forward to this, though there might be some big names that will not like what I type if I am proved correct. If I am wrong, however, I will admit defeat and am always willing to admit I was wrong but due to what I HAVE been doing already I will not be wrong by much?!

Well I do have to say something in my defence!

My perceptions are kind of out there but I have always been told I have a unique insight, sometimes it takes time for them to kick in and other times I will damn well ignore them until such a time they are screaming out at me and I realise I was actually right.

If you think that by reading my blogs you have some insight yourselves into my insight you could not be more wrong, haha! You see what I a type on any of my blogs is what I know for sure or am pretty sure that without much difficulty I can prove myself correct, a case in point is that I have a blog on Orchids as I find them fascinating as much as I do animals. Now I started off my stating that I could GROW and flower not only a type called a Vanda, many books state that they require a greenhouse, under artificial light exclusively, without burning out the national grid! When I stated this I freely said it and posted pictures of the set up I had made myself as well as the light bulbs I bought and used...

...I COULD have got that VERY WRONG! I could have looked a gift horse in the mouth or a right dweeb?!

I could but those that I have a possibility of making myself looking like an utter fool always stay within the confines of my grey matter until such a time I can feel confident of letting them out.

Part of my understanding of these things is kind of down to the fact that I DO have all these different subjects and did not want to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. I did not want to be a victim of that old adage that a little knowledge was a very dangerous thing either. I wanted to be the best that I could be, ad that would be a master of as many that I could.

I have achieved this in a fair few but not all as yet. However there is plenty of time and these very blogs will help me in my pursuit of the ultimate knowledge in the others I wish to be too... the meantime I can continue putting my theories to the test!

so will it be fun or a fart in a thunderstorm?!

Well find out in a weeks time.

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