Wednesday, 17 July 2013


I was waiting for this one.

Waiting quite awhile as I knew the tide was turning and on top of this the announcement of the consoles and the CPU being used would make this fall greater still.

You see I was sure that many would realise what the implication of this would be. If I am correct then I think that later in the year there will be another announcement that contradicts what they state on this report.

You see they blame people moving seat from traditional computers. But what I think will happen, our technically IS happening, is that later in the year when the AMD desktop chips all come out  CPU AND GPU, that closely resemble what the consoles are using will sell like 'hot cakes'?! This will be the jaguar and steamroller core based CPUs which I think are going to give a nice and pleasant surprise when it comes to performance?!

The noises and decision making coming from all the companies seen to suggest that the forthcoming chips are more than up to the job. More in next post.

That is my prediction at any rate and I should be right there building my own rig and capturing it on video and posting out on?!

That IS the plan, lol.

Did not expect IBM to have a fall though but out of hard times.

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