Tuesday, 30 July 2013


This made me smile.

Every now and then I get given a copy of the Daily Star because there is an article in it that would interest me. Sometimes it is to do with a Marvel Comics or DC Comics Movie and often it is to do with corruption in the UK.

Normally I forget to look in them which I should do as certain pieces can inspire me or drive me mad to write a post on here.

If there is one thing I hate it is idiots and I have posted about this before I do not mind trolls but there are really bad ones. In computer hardware forums many people get into discussions regarding the hardware and the two top topics are CPUs and GPUs. These would be the brain and the graphics chip respectively.

Now it seems like 90% of the forums I visit that have a snippet of information there is someone that goes around posting stuff to do with AMD. Normally some stupid prediction they are screwing up in one way or another along with the quote of 'DIE AMD, JUST DIE!'

The person is mad and not worth talking to or responding too at all. Some know him only too well and do not respond to him while others make the mistake of getting drawn in to a conversation. What follows is a throwing out of numbers and links to benchmarks. From the side of the TROLL you will get crap numbers among correct ones. After a while other forum members realise that he has been making glaring errors in hos quotes and pull him to piece and quote him. At this point you would think that anyone normal but just giving out BS would shy away embarrassed to hell. Not this guy and just like the Energizer Bunny he keeps on at it.

He is known under many guises but always with the same three letters and often with various numbers attached to his nickname. I dare so he goes under very different names too but his use of language and the way he thinks stands out a mile and I would likely spot him now regardless of names used.

The letters used are JML.

What amazes me is now that AMD have all three consoles tied up, now this is something I touched upon before, he still maintains that AMD are dead in the water and going out of business?!

Now it takes some kind of bloody idiot to still think that and not realise that big companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo would go anywhere NEAR a company that they thought had a chance of folding inside of 5 to 7 years. Purely because this would result in a ceasing in production of the Playstation 4, the XBox ONE and the Nintendo WII U!!

It has been 7 years since the last generation first appeared so they need to be sure that they can produce these for the next 7 years until the NEXT GENERATION is ready to roll out the door.

I do not know why people do what these trolls do and this one I know is probably one of the main TROLLS complained about.

SO they are going to ban trolls on Twitter somehow and this is likely going to be the start of something, which I think is a good thing as long as they do not find a way of abusing it and ... well then go and abuse it.

Next 12 months should be quite interesting as far as unfolding is concerned as the Internet is getting a great deal of attention from the authorities and government in the UK at least. Well as my corruption blog has caused a whole list of stirs, was used in the House of Commons several times by Labour MPs to attack the government it would not surprise me to find out that they discovered me, discovered my widely popular blog and posting of evidence and scrambling around to implement a load on Internet Laws and Rules that would include something to shut me up?! LOL.

Good luck with that one.

I find it truly amazing that I have complained for many years that the Internet should be controlled more as far as unspeakable and evil things going on and people that like to abuse and offend. They have ignored this for years and years and all of a sudden and inside of a year of my blog suddenly they are sitting up amd taking notice?!

Well how about laws and rules on COMPANIES and RETAILERS and other online services where they are in your face to con cash out of you but when it comes to contacting them you cannot find an email because it is either NOT THERE or buried under layers and layers of pages.

You see this is DELIBERATE and no different to you walking back to a High Street store with faulty goods, then seeing you coming and quickly turning of the lights, locking the doors and hiding under the counter?!?!

So let us see who gets hit with all these new rules and laws?! All the 'little' people which seems to me to be an ever growing list of people in the current economic climate!

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