Wednesday, 17 July 2013


More and more that I see, read and hear about about AMD's upcoming APUs and CPUs based on both Steamroller and Jaguar leads me to believe it is comeback time for AMD.

These are based on three simple things...

1) No shared Floating Point Unit

2) Die Shrink meaning less power consumption and higher frequencies (though the latter is but always the case)

3) Memory sharing of the same pool which reduced editing time and speeds things up, known as hUMA (Heterogenous Unified Memory Access at a wild guess lol)

Plus there will no doubt be others mainly little refinements and improvements. An example of this is the Resonant Clock Mesh which wad only introduced with the last set! This of more likely to be in got refinement that anything else.

Hopefully some other technologies will be moved on chip that are late to the table, admittedly lol.

Certain fanboys will live stating that they did out to save money our out was the cheap option. But they are deluded.

I had long thought that the PC's hardware was not being optimized that much for one thing.

For another the PS3 and XBOX 360 have been out like 6 or 7 years now. We still have 6 months before we see the Sony PS4 and the XBOX ONE on the shelves and I seriously doubt that after all these years that the next gen consoles will only seem few years ahead of the last two?!

I would put alot of money on it! Especially with this global financial crisis they sure will aware that they need a bloody big WOW FACTOR and I cannot readout to see ask of these wow factors being scrutinised by all!

Still have a bit of a wait, yes. But around end of August to mid September you can bet that the screen shots to the titles coming on both platforms will start to surface with new graphics bring explained?! They might even drop a free hints regarding the technologies used?!

Oh I hope so, lol.

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