Sunday, 7 May 2017


I am sort of reeling in shock and confusion right now.

I spotted a video by RedGamingTech on YouTube, who I often watch and so get them in my recommended feed a fair bit. This one said something about the people who create the CPU-Z benchmark making changes where the AMD Ryzen scores go down.

I thought this bizarre and ... well in benchmark software changes the numbers should always ... ALWAYS go up.

You see this is the natural course of things ...

Benchmarks show you what a particular microprocessor can do and every single time a new architecture comes out the existing benchmark software is ... ALWAYS un-optimised.


See my use of the word 'ALWAYS'?

So I naturally thought that there must be a bug they discovered and the figures being produced are not accurate? I normally just glance over CPU-Z results anyway and I cannot recall a time, does not mean that I did not, when I took a lot of notice of that particular benchmark.

So imagine my confusion, how I did not burst out laughing I do not know, when the guys that create CPU-Z actually said that the AMD Ryzen performs particular tasks very efficiently and that these do not translate into real world scenarios?! WHAT?!?! Are you fucking serious?!?!

Umm ... yeah ... that is why everyone tests a suite of games along with Cinebench and a raft of other benchmarking suites.

Ooh boy. Some are catching onto this very quickly though not realising the obvious truth from this latest debacle.

Benchmarking is supposed to show us what a processor can do and therefore give us an idea how well it will perform further down the road. If it does not do this then what is the point of it? If they all failed to do this then you would only really be interested in the frames per second of a list of games.

I am reluctant to start stating that anyone is conspiring with one company or another to be biased but this is so brain-dead a move as to look extremely biased where you cannot come by any other conclusion than they 'are' conspiring.

Or perhaps the people that created CPU-Z in the first place have all but gone and it is now created, updated and run by complete idiots?

I am also now thinking that the honest Intel chip owners must be reading this or hearing this news and saying "Waaaaaait a minute?!"

Re they now going to take out all the other stuff too now which does not fit into the 'real world'? There is a big list to go through and double check from your MMX to whatever was implemented by Intel lately that may or may not be used?

Do you know what rhymes with 'Z'? Dead. Dead rhymes with 'Z'.

Take a gander at the comments section of the RedGamingTech video below ...

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