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How bloody odd?! Sorry I thought I had posted on here my latest ... purchases. Of which there are several lots..

Well .. I bought a car .. I think I put that in my last post?

Yes .. I did check butt I forgot whether it was there or not .. yes in a mere few seconds.

That is because I probably have not explained in a while that I have a disability condition that causes short term memory loss among a great many other things.

Anyway ..

So yeah I bought a car and people could think .. yeah OK, not that hard to buy a car?

Yeah it is this car when it is cash and when you have lost your no claims bonus and not had a way of bringing in any kind of wage for several years. And yes I do have a dozen blogs but this really takes around 5 years to even get a small first payment out of and it is a ew weeks away form reaching that 5 year milestone. or the very first blog.

So how about some more items?

Well I had this plan to improve my blogs by quite a factor and to do this I needed certain ... tools from a number of fields.

After the first initial and biggest purchase .. some weird psychological fear set in?! Weird. Bcome panicky, lol.

One of those is digital photography ..

Say maybe a short list of ..

  • Sony A99 II DSLT Camera
  • Sony G Series 70-200mm f2.8
  • Sony Zeiss 24-70mm f2.8
  • Sony 1.4x Teleconverter
  • LowePro Whistler Backpack
  • LowePro Toploader
  • Hoya Circular Polarizer
  • Carbon Tripod
  • Benro Gimbal
  • . some other stuff lol

I watched a hell of a lot of YouTube videos the past three months!

I noticed that fanboyism is just as bad in cameras as it is in computing tech, gaming tech and everything else and i is shocking at how narrow minded and sometimes stupid people are.

I am sure hey are just a bunch of angry 12 year olds just going through their changes?

Yeah the Sony A99 Mark II was chosen because of is smaller size, original wanted Nikon D810, its 42 mega pixel count, its speed of autofocus, the high praise the lenses get, its ease of use (this was more hopeful than anything else) and its price. A £3,000 it did a lot of things I wanted it to do better than Canons and Nikon double its price!

I am also not what you would call a one trick pony ..

  • Wildlife Photography from tiny insects to far away birds and even night time animals
  • Landscape photography
  • Astrophotgraphy
The things I d not do is weddings and portraits .. bu I might get asked?

I have other lists too ..

  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper
  • AMD Vega 
  • M2 Drives
  • Gigabyte Motherboard .. probably
  • Phantek Case
  • Loads of other shit

Then there are wanted lists I have not actualy compiled yet and am unsure about ..

  • Reflector Telescope probably by Celestron, maybe by Meade?
  • Camera Drone and either a DJI Mavic Pro or Yuneec Typhoon H
Wishful thinking?

Yeah I had a bunch of stuff I thought would happen over a year ago. This one was .. different .. and tee fact that I showed a video of my new car in my last post should have made people think "Oh crap .. maybe this time it has worked out?!"

Yeeeaaahhh about those failed expectations? The crazy thing about expectations is that as well as failing to happen at they can also just be really .. really .. late!

All pie in the sky and wishful thinking?

Here .. try a few videos ..

Hmm wanna see some video taken with the Sony A99 II and using the Sony G 70-200mm f2.8 lens?

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