Sunday, 11 August 2013


I would advise all comers to stay away from Argos when it comes to purchasing electronic goods!

After now getting a camera I wanted form day one and it being just as good as I had hoped it also turned out to first have marks on the lens, then I noticed a seal on the box that both Argos and Nikon swear is nothing to do with them?!?!

The lens wiped clean, by my eyes anyway and as for the sticker proving I had now had two refurbished Nikons I was past caring and just right now while typing I realised Nikon UK lied to me in thise earlier emails.

That VOID sticker has now only been present on THEIR boxes and was NOT present on the Olympus box?! But then this would not surprise me as after several emails from Nikon about the L810 Coolpix I suddenly realised that Nikon were NOT overly concerned about the fact that I was sold a refurbished product by an supposed authorised dealer?!

In my very last email I put that to them and their very last email to me was along the lines of 'oh well....I ho0e you get it sorted out!' and never heard from them again. Lol.

This time around I have realised that the Olympus was either faulty or crap or both because I am really and very genuinely disappointed that this Nikon P520 IS faulty as I bloody love it and the pictures and 1080i movies are great.

Then had time to do a video ... or the other way around I cannot remember lol

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