Friday, 16 August 2013


All the offending videos to the faulty items are all here in ONE POST.


For those of you wanting to get into photography I would steer well clear of Argos and this goes double for those of you wanting to get into it for the first time!

The last thing you want is a bad experience with a new hobby and with Argos I have had three of them in a row.

Now these involved two Nikon cameras and one Olympus and yet despite my recording of events and proving that they are indeed refurbished cameras being sold via an'AUTHORIZED DEALER' these facts have FAILED to illicit the CORRECT response from either Nikon or Olympus.

I should add that this also seems to spread further afield than just Argos and I have also seen it with the mail order catalogues of Very & Littlewoods as well as B&Q!

Now Nikon have NO SEALS on their boxes and do not place any seals on the boxes.

Plus Argos can and DO put their own QUALITY CONTROL STICKER on their boxes as....WELL NIKON ARE OBVIOUSLY SHIT AT MAKING CAMERA. Joke as I might there might be something to that?!

But there is also a 'VOID STICKER' that has appeared on....lets say more than one box and that both Argos and Nikon UK swear to all that is holy that it is THE OTHER that is responsible for this sticker?!?!

Two possibilities arise from this and that is either ONE of them is lying....OR THEY BOTH ARE?!

Incidentally the cameras were all very faulty and ALL out of the box but one I did not really notice until something ELSE went wrong after a coupe of months and then the THIRD camera highlighted problems NOT NOTED with the SECOND?!

Yes confusing I know but that is how it was ad a nightmare for me and I have lost thousands of photos and photo opportunities and it has cost me money on top of this too.

Now this started in February 2013 and even today which is the 16th August 2013 I am about to exchange the current camera for my FOURTH CAMERA but this one will be a straight swap for an identical camera which is the first time I have done this!


Many more of these on the refurbished and bloody awful smartphone, err dumbphone lol.


and I regret NOT realising this is refurbished when I spot a broken off spoke on the fan grill!

So out of the last several years there is only one item that it could be argued was delivered NEW and without fault and yet EVEN THAT came in a box that looked like it had been used as a football?!

I do indeed still have that too, lol.

That along with another item I have I have held back on.

I have also seriously and QUITE DELIBERATELY left out a glaring omission from my last emails to both Nikon UK and Argos as they liekd to talk to me as if I was stupid and therefore I asked them if they could see what the omission is?!

After all if your really so smart then an OBVIOUS thing that would prove key to everything they have ever said being LIES ...well should be obvious to th eones that have everything to lose?! Dontcha think?!


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