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Well I did it. I gave in.

Was getting fed up with my Logitech G27 doing nothing, and just like my Corsair Vengeance headset the G27 has a new model replacement in the G29. However I have read some very bad and disturbing things about the Logitech G29 as many are saying its exactly the same as the G27,except cosmetically, but miraculously works with things the G27 does not?! Oh and it costs a lot more than the G27!

Not good Logitech, if true.

I watched a lot of videos of people playing Project Cars and heard many state that the cars were ... well, skittish and in the videos they certainly looked skittish. So I thought I might hold on for the new Need For Speed.

Then I saw Project Cars on Amazon for £19.95, though I have found out some annoying things about this that pisses me off with devs/publishers, and thought 'hell, I will order it". I had not viewed the entire roster of vehicles and tracks but it looked light on road cars and normal roads but thought these would come out in the form of downloadable content?

It arrived Monday evening, was supposed to be here Sunday evening typical Amazon. I spent a couple hours in the Lykan Hypersport doing around ten or twelve laps in the default Dubai track. Yup...spun out and hit the wall a few times in the first lap. Less on the second when I realised something...this actually does feel like driving a real car. Well except for one thing you cannot recreate and soon another couple of things. One they put in you cannot possibly see, undulating roads which you can see in a real car ... mostly, lol. The other is predicting how tight a oncoming bend or turn is going to be and this one I am not sure they can recreate.

My third or fourth lap I managed to do without coming off track! Cool.

I had been saving the replays but it turned out that for some bizarre reason the replays were in a stupid format you cannot upload to YouTube, sorry about that. Also my copy of Raptr, I normally use for recording gameplay, had not been logging in and when I corrected this I recorded five videos before I realised it was only recording in 720p?!

I have no idea how long it had been doing that! Lol!

Right now to the road cars and the tracks and the bloody idiots you get online spouting crap.

The road cars were abysmally few. So was the real world tracks ... well I say 'real world' but one website stated that the California Highway was not a real road? Anyhoo ...

I looked to see if there would be any downloadable road cars when a load of idiots in a forum ranted at others asking for road cars that it would not happen, be pointless and that road cars were boring?!

What?! Are you fecking idiots? One quipped in a patronizing way "its a motorsport game, of course there wont be any road cars, they are boring"?! Did you leave your brain in your bed that morning?

First off half the people in the forum wanted road not pointless and added to this sales are higher with more ... VARIETY! Dumb-arse!

Secondly ... well yeah its a motorsport game and not for road cars which is why there is a effing road car section!

Thirdly someone actually impressed me by piping up at these morons moaning they hope there are more motorsport cars and no road cars by stating they were selfish. Pointing out they were ranting about more motorsport cars when there were far, far more in this game, literally many dozens, than any other previous game and that half the people there wer asking for road cars and that they were throwing there toys out the pram because they want half the people ignored just to put even more race cars in! Lol! He or she even went on to point out that how in the 'bleep' could they state that road cars were boring! Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and many others are boring?!

I wonder what they thought about the fact that they have already announced Project Cars 2, huh, and that they will include Rally Cars?

I am not a fan of over the top race versions of road cars, don't ... just don't you wont like the response lol, with their over the top flaring and skirts and their horrid liveries.

My favourite cars are Aston Martin DBS and current Vanquish ... oh who am I kidding, all of them along with Lamborghinis, some Ferraris, Pagani Huayra, the Mclarens and several others.

Ooh yeah and how about that Lykan Hypersport being built in the middle east?! Stunning! Why can they not just all calm bloody down over there, stop killing everyone who is different or who does not agree with them out of fear and do more shit like this?!?!

If they can produce a car like that, albeit more skittish than a Mclaren F1, imagine what other things they can do?

Instead of loving all the tools that were invented and manufactured by the people they all state they want to wipe out. Who will make their guns then and who will they shoot?! I digress.

I can speak of the hadnling of cars within this game because I have a long history of ... well fast cars!

In fact it might please many to know, those already impressed with the amount of blogs I do and subjects I cover, that I also have a love of cars. Though I do not have a blog for them currently.

One of my first cars was a souped up road car called a Vauxhall Firenza 1971. Every single time I took it to a mechanic they would see the very wide tyres, roll cage, propped up rev counter and say 'boy racers car' in their heads. When I went back to pick it up and they had test driven it ... well with a smile as I expected it, everything changed. There was not a single mechanic who was stunned by the car. One car repair place run by an Indian family told me the car and the son had gone missing?! I waited half an hour before I heard my car from a kilometre away roaring up the street! The son came in with a big grin on his face and apologised as he had stayed out due to the immense fun it was to drive. "It just wantrs to go and go and just keeps on accelerating!" A different mechanic in Colliers Row said that the car would have no top end as it was so fast accelerating. So testing the car one day a mutual friend challenged him to put his theory to the test that it would not reach 100mph. So he went for it and the speedometer roared past 110mph when we ran out of road! The mechanic just looked at the two of us open mouthed.

These two men then spent months telling my father to convince me to get rid of the car as I would 'kill myself' in it. One night I proved to one of them I could handle the car by tearing through a deserted industrial estate in the dead of night. They never said anything more from that point on.

Moving on from that very early car in my driving days I have had many but most notable are three Alfa Romeos and an Audi A6 2.8 Quattro. These five cars have a whole host of amazing stories that men normally listen to open mouthed and ... dribbling like new born babies!

Another time, perhaps.

I point this out because if there is one thing I know its the handling of cars and have long dreamed of tearing around the Nurburgring. I used to watch, with now myself dribbling, whenever Top Gear were there for one reason or another. Some years ago I had been arranged to get me on a track by others who had seen me drive, however due to some ... difficulties, let us say, I never made it. Would have been Lotus Esprit Turbos if I remember correctly. Oooh Lotus ... another of my favourite brands I am waiting to see the revival of with those damn fine cars they teased years back!

Ooh and I like Porsches too of course. Oh and to the morons that claimed they were car lovers but then ran down all things Italian and praised Porsche like they were the only brand on Earth? Yeah ... not really car aficionados. Porsche aficionados maybe, but not cars! Lol!

Well would you look at that? Porsche is not even in my computers dictionary?! Lol! Oops sorry, no just not in Google's dictionary ...  well for blogger at any rate.

To me a good handling car ... talks, that is what I call it, to you. You really only understand this when your on the very edge of c cars capability, well provided your calm and not shitting your pants as you will miss it! Lol! You can feel the point when a car is near its edge. If your smart you will realise that staying at this edge is one thing but the undulations in the road become vitally important.

This is why rich kids put themselves in hospital or kill themselves when idiot parents but them Porsches and AMG Mercedes, Lamborghini Murcielagos and God knows what else!

I would actually make them do 100 hours of Project Cars and then 2 years in a normal car before letting my own child near a car of this power. The cars might be capable but then so does the driver need to be too!

Yup, I would suggest Project Cars. I had to slow down to the proper speed for bends and tight corners and even the damn braking seemed spot on, juddering in the steering under heavy braking with undulations in the road. Spot on, man!

So then ... how about a few videos?

I can tell you that at the time of writing I have only logged 5 hours on Project Cars and these videos are just me getting used to the games physics and cars. I caught on a hell of a lot earlier than I thought I would when two or three laps and I was getting it instead of the expected two or three days!

The videos are of the full California Highway and Nurburgring..both I was unfamiliar with and as stated my first dozen laps were on that Dubai track...

Mclaren P1 on the California Highway Full

Replay of above

Lykan Hypersport on the California Highway Full

Mclaren P1 Nurburgring
(Lap time under 10 minutes)

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