Monday, 13 July 2015


I am having a serious graphical problem with Project Cars that is driving me around the ... ahem, bend! Sorry for the pun!

Since the Catalyst drivers updated to 15.7 Project Cars is broken! Well almost all of the time!

Once on track I get these green lines everywhere at eye level that blinds you. You simply cannot go at any decent speed as you cannot, I mean CANNOT, navigate bends.

Also I noticed some very iffy things with the physics of other cars in a race whereby I always got hit on the first bend and the other drivers were driving like idiots, so there to all those harping on about things like 'true race sim' and 'realistic physics and AI'. Your simply brain dead!

I saw one web page of one guy bitching about why others were complaining about it ... I mean, really?! Your really going to ask why people are unhappy with a game ... or any bloody product for that matter?! How very bizarre. On the site someone answers that its usually 'fanboys'?!

Umm, care to elaborate?

To state 'fanboys' means there is something else that they wont have anything negative said about ...well on the PC there is nothing else. Not since either the last Need For Speed or the little known Assetto Corsa. So ... HUH?! Lol!

There are some interesting, along with the confusing, things said here ...

Project Cars also got caned in another review here ... like 4/10!

Make sure you watch the video on this page of some of the completely impossible and brain dead things the other cars do when the green light gets lit!

Now I was under the impression that the idea of going through these crowd funded sites was to create the games the coders wanted that the publishers would not let due to money and time constraints?

Well there have only been three of these crowd funded games that I have any interest in and that is, or indeed was with this one, Project Cars, Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen.

Those first two are not only as shallow as a paddling pool but missing many things upon release and that last one is always two years from being released!

I wonder how many feel as I do in that in the beginning I thought that this crowd-funding idea could give us some real classics in gaming but that little niggling doubt is now telling you it told you so and that it is all about to go wrong. Well I am sure that gamers will band together and cause a bloody riot if these people do not stop being greedy and taking money for broken and faulty goods?!

Ooh no, wait a minute? Almost all the electrical retailers in the UK have not only been doing this but been doing it for years and no one seems to say anything, do anything or give a damn about it and they just keep on selling you inferior rubbish.

Here is my graphical glitch ...

This stopped only one time in the last few days when I turned post processing on. But then it came back and before morons start spouting "Raptr ..." don't bother, no difference!

Considering my Logitech G27 is bolted to a stand and heavy and I have to do contortionist motions to get it in place you can imagine how effing annoying these sudden glitches are?

I have now had this something like 12 out of 13 starts when I am trying to beat this following time ... (err I already did but Raptr was not running! lol) ..

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