Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Oh dear.

This is not good!

I upgraded to Windows 10 on my main PC without a hitch and pretty quick too. I have since played several games on it and posted them to my YouTube channel, see bottom for links.

However I suddenly remembered that a HP Pavilion Laptop I use also has Windows 7 and so should be able to be upgraded to Windows 10. Might make me use it a bit more and maybe Windows 10 might manage the power better and prevent my laptop from getting hot enough to fry some eggs?!

I really, really do not like laptops! Badly made shite with no idea about design, power management nor what it truly means to be a mobile product. Mobile phone manufacturers all suffer the same blindness. Probably blinded by the dollar and pound signs in their eyeballs? LMAO!

Or to put it another way as well as getting hot and shutting down the labels rub off the shitty keys and they also are not illuminated!

Little tip to design morons ...

It gets both DARK and WET outside!

Anyhoo back to this.

Attempted to upgrade Windows 10 4 times and failed each time. Bloody infuriatingly it took fucking ages to download, fucking ages to install and then between the 7th and 11th hour, I got a bit further each time, it fails, attempts to revert back to Windows 7 while giving me a lame code, no idea of what went wrong and overheats the laptop so that each time it shuts down before Windows 7 gets booted right after reverting back to it!

Never used Microsoft's tech agents previously but have spoke to them three times ... ooh sorry twice ... several minutes ago I got one up live, I typed in the details and the guy ceases the chat?!

Oddly enough the two previous times were both women and extremely helpful.

It also seems I got lucky with my main desktop upgrading easily as there are rafts of upgrade faults, driver conflicts and breakages, devices not working like multi monitor setups, of digital equipment.

I really thought at one point that the upgrade had literally broken this laptop I am now using to type this out! Lol!

Some issues are listed in a Forbes report ...

Some of my gaming under Windows 10 ...

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