Friday, 7 August 2015


Right then ... been a fair bit of time since I posted on here ... or any of my other dozen blogs for that matter ...

I could explain why this is ... but I do not want to put any information on the Internet ... not right now and something tells me that every single visitor of every single blog I have would have found out why somewhere between September, this year of 2015, and October.

LOL, call it a hunch?!

Anyhoo I have been messing around installing Windows 10 and testing games but before I did that I managed to get onto a track without that graphical glitch! Now sometimes i can manage this by altering something in the settings. I then get onto a track without the green lines. Sometimes. Once on a track they never appear, so I can restart as much as I like! However ... exit the track and go back into a different track, same track or even change the car and the green meanies return!

Since I installed Windows 10 they have been banished! Even updating the Catalyst drivers back to 15.7, or whatever it was, and running the game and no green blindness going on straight ahead of me. I did a video of these green meanies.

Anyway ... here are a few videos of me trying to better my own times before finding out that with only 7 hours playing I had gotten into the top 100 and at one point was placed at 42 somewhere. 

Now really annoyingly, and I am sure you will agree, I then did an even faster lap, exited to see how much higher I had got and was placed at 56 ... or was it 58? I dunno but the point was I knocked something like 1.2 seconds, or a little more, off my time and dropped fourteen places?!

Hooow ... thhhhhe ... ffff******?!

Anyway I am pleased the game is working again and I am at about 10 hours into it now.

Windows 10 playing Project Cars

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