Monday, 15 August 2016


I am conflicted.

Exactly like the reviewer in the link at the bottom.

This is over the game called No Man's Sky. Ugh .. in pain and there was a bit of a pause for an hour, lol.

Yeah I had been quite interested in the No Man's Sky reviews so was somewhat shocked when I saw streams and videos of game play from average customers going up a week before release, ten days for the PC release.

It turned out some copies were mistakenly sent out early and the next thing I knew I was hooked on watching other people play this game and that has never happened to e before.

I really wanted to play it ... sort of. I think there is the hook.

As someone with a big interest and fair knowledge of astronomy and very high knowledge of animals I found the game potentially intriguing. I still kind of do and I do very much want to play it.

Except the animal designs are not realistic, the planets are in far too close a proximity, you cannot fly close to the stars or in other words there aren't any and the NPC aliens are tied to the spot, do not walk around or even get out of their ships. The space stations look massive but have the same and stupidly designed interiors too.

In every other reality I would have walked away in disappointment and frustration.

But I still want to play it and have lost many hours watching others playing it. I thought that by continuing to do so the urge to play it would wane. But this failed to happen.

The only thing is that my health and finances have gone into some damned free-fall momentarily, or ta least I hope, and there is the little matter of Deus Ex coming out very soon!

Damn it!

Mind you today I have been in far too much pain to really care and the fact that I have now typed this for five minutes without running off, or rather limping off, in pain is a huge relief and I am only hoping that it is an end right now. Still .. it proved a theory of mine to be correct I have since ignored no less than three times. No doubts about it now and I have something to tell my GP this week!

It is a little strange that you can have all these animals running around on planets but not intelligent aliens. Except of course, when they occasionally fly overhead in the starships.

Oh yes and it did not help when there was a report that someone managed to navigate to the centre of the galaxy which contains 16 quintillion planets in just 30 hours?! Yikes!

People complained it was not multiplayer ...pffff multiplayer is crap, overblown, shallow and mostly ruined by have way, way too many idiots. I absolutely hate the fact that multiplayer is so focused these days and the only way I would play a game that is multiplayer would be co-op with some friends. Except I do not have any. Well none that play video games at all actually.

Saying that I watched others play No Man's Sky was not all good, some were dreadful to watch, onbviously really cccrap at gaming and were totally missing things on screen and walking right past valuable and needed resources. One even did all this, was a bid pilot but kept barking "Captain's Log" and similar sci-fi and Star Trek film like commands as he woefully played the game. I was like "God ... duuude?! Stop, just stop!" Lol.

Needless to say I had to turn some of them off. What I found bizarre was the number of views and subscribers they had! Madness! There really is no sense out there in a big way, lol. Either that or these bad ones were just getting a lot of 6 to 12 year olds following them that was interested in the game?

If it was not for Deus Ex Mankind Divided I would have purchased No Man's Sky. Oh that reminds me of one dude who was playing No Man's Sky but kept talking about Deus Ex coming up but kept calling it "Humanity Divided"? Lol, I think you were getting your titles a little muddled up there, buddy?

It has gotten a little hard to budget for anything lately as my payments have changed drastically and with my well known memory issues I cannot keep track of them and not sure when my next payment it because I simply cannot recall my last! I mean that very literally too. They call the memory issue Fibrofog and mine has been affecting me and gradually getting worse over the last 7 years or more. It might be closer to ten but was not that noticeable back then? I know I used to forget a lot way back then but used to just think it was normal. I had a friend who would always ask me if I had my keys, phone and other things if we were ever leaving my house from five years ago so others noticed it. I only realised I had this condition around two years ago when the condition of Fibromyalgia explained around several dozen things, a dozen of which were pains. The pain I have right now? I simply do not know until after tests.

So I have difficulty keeping myself occupied and am crying out for a damned playable game right now.

I just hope and pray that the imminent Deus Ex title is a lot longer and bigger than the last one?

Of course I am losing a lot of viewers though all this and potential subscribers.

Oh well ... just have to keep on planning and manoeuvring I guess?

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