Saturday, 4 February 2017


Well it has been a while.

I have been somewhat busy but also paying close attention to what has been leaking out with Ryzen, Vega and I have one eye on each of these products. More about that in a post in the next few weeks

However ... I watched one of my usual people when it comes to PC tech who had been accused of just regurgitating every single rumour out there before this latest one.

Umm this time the regurgitating went too far.

I watched this as I spotted that the full product list of Ryzen CPU's had leaked but as I watched and looked at the lists I realised something.

Everyone is an idiot as are those that had uploaded this video!

This is NOT a leak ... but almost all bar a tiny few are losing their shit and their nappies over it?!

Err what?!

That list is bullshit and is so obvious I have facepalmed myself so many times I now have a headache! Really? REALLY?!

First off their are 17 different processors? Ummm ... NO!

Secondly the clockspeeds are all wrong! Ummm ... NO.

Thirdly they are being compared to all the wrong Intel CPU's! Ummm ... NO!

Fourth on the list is the use of old Radeon, or ATI, numbers as the models along with and without the letter 'X'. Oh so now after stating that they will all be unlocked they are now releasing locked ones?

This had already started to look like a really worried Intel exec putting out something to piss people off ... as this is dreadful. As one pointed out a 6 core Ryzen compared to a four core Intel? I think not.

I was already out at the first one but then I noticed that the 6 core 12 thread versions of Ryzen that they said themselves wont be launched, and will not until autumn at the earliest if at all, are magically on the list?! Umm ... oh fuck it I hate repeating myself.

Around 99% of people are buying into this crap and even fucking Forbes, yes Forbes have even run this story and with a totally different table to everyone else with some of the info missing?! WHAT?!

So I had thought about doing a post on Ryzen and Vega  the last few weeks but did not really feel I had much to go on and instead I am doing one to point out just how many utter fools there are out there.

They have stated that at launch there will be four core versions of Ryzen and eight core versions of Ryzen and then there are the ones with and without multi-threading. So they are going to release 17 CPU's? SEVENTEEN?! Get the fuuuck out of here!

I would be extremely embarrassed, if the Wanga and the Rogue were not already by being proved wrong, if I had commented on this only to realise and be proved later what an utter and obvious fake it is.

Oh the Wanga and the Rogue. Oh how funny it has been to watch them harp on about how smart they are and their dire predictions for something they know nothing about, despite spending months or even years trying desperately to convince everyone else that they do. Oh I have waited and waited and now that information has started to come out that has made them look so very wrong I am loving it. Well at least one had the brains to vanish. After doing searches for a couple of weeks I suddenly noticed that the one with the big mouth, full of shit and a humongous ego was not appearing ion the comments anywhere. I then remembered that the data being released did not match up with his predictions that he had argued doggedly about for months on end. Oh dear. I normally come across him every few days but I have not seen him comment anywhere in about a month or more now.

In fact I do not even go to where he posts, I just read a page and then read the comments section and there he is half the time. Not any more. Now I wait until I come across those that commented he argued with who spot that he seems to have vanished.

Because I have no doubts I will roar with laughter and the things he will be called by those he belittled over and over and over again. Lol.

I first started to think AMD had lost their marbles until I started noticing the 'X', Pro and frequencies which AMD stated would start at 3.4GHz while these are much lower. NONE listed stated 3.6GHz and NONE listed stated 4.0GHz boost.

It is like an endless list of evidence that something is fake and people are crowing, swooning and losing their shit left, right and centre! LMAO!

The best thing AMD can do now, as everyone seems to be extremely naive, is come out and rubbish it and all they have to do is simply state how many models will be released, that's it. As it obviously wont be anything like 17.

Jesus Christ this does not even come close to a decent fake and I fucking hate fake info and the sad bastards that spill this shit out. Need to get a life in my opinion.

So I will go back to sleep until some genuine crap comes out and ... those that have recently been accused of regurgitating every single piece of Ryzen crap on their YouTube channel? Yeeeaahh you might get a see of complaints and unsubscribing this time around, whether your suffering with colds or not.

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