Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Along with the D:Wave we seem to have a crest of yet another wave heading towards us?

So .. shed loads of Ryzen leak then?


So it also seems that AMD are going with what my memory tells me is an old ATI Radeon name, 1800XT, minus the 'T', for the Ryzen model names? Strange choice.

I am still willing to bet that you will not get those 17 different chips at launch and I would wager you wont see all of them until around the end of the year?

I have also been listening to a lot of talks concerning AMD's Ryzen chip and its early benchmarks from people seen as old hat at all this and knowledgeable. Hmm perhaps a fair few should not have done that?

I have seen people worried about a Physics score that do not seem to be aware of AMD dropping the AVX side of things and this being the reason, needing two clock cycles for Intel chips single clock cycle. Yeeeah that is not going to make a lot of difference though at least one was claiming that it will. I was not sure whether or not one of the three I saw were unsure about this simply did not understand CPUs as much as he put out or whether or not he was being paid by Intel to cast doubts in potential buyer's minds?

I even saw one guy comment complaining how AMD failed because their new Ryzen CPU did not support Windows 7?! What?! Since when did CPU's start getting designed FOR operating systems?! Lol!

No sunshine, that would be down to Microsoft and your expecting them to update an operating system that is now several versions old! Get real.

Another funny one is a bunch of people complaining about Windows 10 with their one major gripe being it is spyware?! Really? No, REALLY?!

Jesus H. Christ does no one know Windows history at all? Windows has been spying on people for bloody years and I do mean bloody years! In fact many stated when ex-military guy Steve Bullmer had a say, when Bill Gates was still Microsoft's head guy, that it started happening then. Now how long ago was that?

Back to Ryzen I quickly realised that the 'X' in the models was to do with that XFR technology where the CPU can 'sense' the cooling headroom and overclock itself in 25mhz increments. I am extremely interested to see how that works in testing.

Of course another thing I did not take into account when I saw that list of 17 models is that if you was to take laptops into account then, yeah ... feasibly you could have 17 separate CPUs?

Your still not going to get 17 models launched at the initial release. I would wager that the 6 cores alone would take a very long time to come as these would be binned, i.e. faulty 8 cores set aside, 8 cores and would take a fair while to build up their numbers.

Unless of course 50% of the 8 cores were faulty but could still be used as 6 core chips? Remember all the information coming out stated that there would not be any 6 core Ryzen chips and was stated to be hard to impossible due to the way the cores are grouped?

Laughable that Intel is rushing out a couple of higher clocked CPUs as well as talking about the next generation when the present one was only launched a few weeks before.

Of course there are those saying Intel will suffer and lose money and then those idiot fanboys that state this will never happen who are obviously clueless when it comes to business and do not even bother to look at what Intel has been getting up to. Yeah I would normally say the same except for a couple of things ...

  • It takes years from the start of designing a CPU to actually manufacturing it so they cannot respond immediately and Ryzen would have had its next iteration long before a new architecture appears from Intel and ...
  • Yeah ... turns out Intel have been buying ... crap for many billions of dollars and that does not include them wasting their time and money trying to get into ultra mobile, like tablets and phones and ...
  • If they are as untouchable as everyone ... sorry every fanboy states then why the hell have they laid off thousands of workers?
I have followed CPU technology for absolutely effing years even before AMD split off from Intel, what you did not know this either? Tut-tut. I would not even predict what would happen with either company ...

Hmm yeah OK so I called many people idiots that stated year after year that AMD would go out of business. I knew they would not though if Ryzen had not been the processor it now appears to be I might have started to think they might?

By the time the dust has settled on Ryzen, if indeed it ever does, we will be staring AMD's new GPU, Vega, in the face.

From the very first day of March right up to some point in May it is going to be a very interesting and exciting time. It was a very long time ago then things were this exciting and this may continue on if ...

The predictions of going form the current lithography of 14nm and 16nm to 10nm and/or 7nm are correct?

By the time this comes around I would have expected some major breakthroughs in manipulating Graphene into a whole list of technology that would and should include the manufacturing of both CPUs and GPUs.

Of course there are the other benefits of the cheaper prices, price wars and that would mean that all of the much more powerful CPUs and GPUs filtering down into everywhere and everything.

I think that by the time 2020 comes around many things are going to be very, very different and it just might mean that kind of breakthroughs and wow factors to get many a economy moving again? Well much depends on various governments pulling their heads out of the sand, or their arses and whatever the case may be, and making a few other changes when right now they are going in the opposite direction?

Because some half-wit that thinks themselves intelligent because of money and/or power keeps telling them so.


For me I am looking at the top 3 SKU's for Ryzen or all the 8 cores and I am particularl leaning towards the Ryzen R7 1800X but interested to see how it performs in comparison to the Ryzen R7 1700X as well as this automated overclocking compared to doing this manually on the Ryzen R7 1700 non-X variant?

I am also wondering about something else I should really do a search for ... are the Virtual Reality headsets, namely the Vive, as good as they claimed and is there going to be a second generation at some point in the foreseeable future?

I read somewhere for the first time recently something about being able to see pixels on a headset and not sure if this was one particular one or all of them?

I am asking a lot of questions about a lot of different things and looking at a whole bunch of different technologies, am I not?

Well anyone would think that I am a couple of months away from something major happening?

Now that ... would be telling as well as possibly putting a bock on what it might be that ma or may not happen?

Well there just might be a video or 24 in a couple of months to answer those questions?

Fingers firmly super glued into a crossed fashion!

Unless a particular thief or thieves do a runner with the best part of three quarters of a million?! Lol.

Except if the do they may encounter a certain ... road-block?! Metaphorically speaking.

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