Sunday, 22 May 2016


It is funny really because as I play through Crysis I find it hard to believe that the company went south for the winter.

Yes it may have been a bit linear but it was such fun to play and look at.

Except...I am going through this one in a pretty quick time and I think I should have picked a harder setting? Many times I reach the ammo pick up points I am already full.

I had thought I had played through this one but then as I played I thought I had not. Then I reached a large room in a roof where you get three gunships and a load of guys on the roof and it seemed somewhat familiar.

I do have these memory issues that have plagued me for years. I could never understand how or why I was so forgetful and for years it got me into various problems until I discovered I had a condition called Fibromyalgia Syndrome which itself causes dozens and dozens of problems from painful area anywhere to embarrassing or irritating conditions as well as a memory problem that has its own name...Fibrofog.

So yeah its explained these days but still damned infuriating.

The only bit that was familiar was that roof section in that guy's lab. After this section it has gone back to being unfamiliar, lol.

Now I do remember starting and playing the third title but I am ... pretty sure I did not play that very far before taking it off. Probably because the AMD APU on its own was struggling and I did not want to turn the graphics down to uninstalled it until I got a dedicated card. Probably forgot all about the game, so that will be next.

I do not know why but Raptr failed to record the first half dozen times I played it and I changed it over to manual and it would not start.

Then bizarrely and out of the blue ... it started recording on this play-through.

Now I am still on the AMD A10-7850K and a Radeon R9-280, non-X, with this being designed to last me until I build another system. This next system will come around the end of the year and will be a Zen based system with as many cores as they release and a Vega GPU. Most likely.

You never know I could end up with an nVidia GPU. Or it is even possible it could be a surprise Intel CPU they might bring out that does not force you to sell your house? Lol.

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