Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Well after a long hiatus ... finishing Sniper Army Zombie Hoard .. thingey 2 in a couple of evenings and Metro 2033 deciding to not work any longer and exiting the game to its main menu without warning ... I have finally gone back to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and walked away from a fight with a beat that is 8 levels higher than me!

Taking time to get back to using those controls and I am also having some issues ... I do not know if something was updated on the game that has slowed it down, or something on my system, like Raptr?

Used Raptr before and was not a problem but as you can see from the videos below ... it is laggy and it has been driving me nuts!

No rest for the wicked!

Note that in the second video I am trying to save this guy while all these Wild Hunt Warriors and their dogs attack and I go through dozens of them and then ... DIE?!

They just keep respawning! I even wondered whether or not this chap was supposed to die, as this is a flashback being told by the guy I am trying to save who has been ... well bought back from the dead?! LMAO!

That was a slick ride though!

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