Tuesday, 24 May 2016


It has started.

Yet another huge company that should know better has made the age old mistake and thinks itself so big and soo superior that it can do anything where its customers are concerned and thinks everyone is too stupid to think for themselves and go with it?

I was sent a notification via Flipboard that Oculus Rift had started using a DRM, more of what they want on your headset that is NOT relevant to your gaming experience, in the Rift VR headset.

Apparently it turns out that people with a HTC Vive have been playing Oculus titles on their headset, which I had not heard of previous to be honest.

Well is not selling the software what it is all about? I'm confused.

Years and years and likely decades have people complained about a dodgy port of a game going from a console to the PC. History is littered with famous titles and that recent Batman Arkham Knight being a prime example.

But here we have software that works across platforms and they are slamming the door on this?!

Umm ... is not the aim of the game right now to make Virtual Reeality and the headsets the next big thing? Yeeeah locking people out of software and games is going to help bundles, you absolute blithering idiots!

EDIT: Apparently Oculus was first quoted as saying that if their software gets modified to play on other systems it will not mind. So a one eighty has been performed by them!

Here is another link reporting on that story with the contradictions I mentioned by Oculus themselves on Slash Gear.


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