Wednesday, 1 June 2016


I am a bit confused.

My smartphone, a Moto G, has need replacing for a fair old while now. It does not register calls quite often, nor texts, the glass has worn patches and the battery ... hmm the battery? Sometimes it goes all night and seems to use no power at all and can be 90% full the next morning and other times it runs out completely?!


This morning it was completely off and switched itself on?! Something that should be impossible and this has never occurred with me before with any of my phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

Immediately made me think of how they have stated that those agencies that would spy on you can actually turn your phones on. When I heard this I thought it was pure hogwash. Yes they could turn things on and off as long as your phone was on, like listening in on the microphone or watching things your camera lens can see, but not turn it on when it is actually off!

Anyhoo ...

I now have two extra cameras that can link up to my phone and along with the fact it has become erratic in its behaviour and decides whether or not to register or even let through phone calls and texts I am limited to 8GB of memory and no SD Card slot.

There are lots of apps I had previously for cycling, maps and all manner of things. But I had to keep this to a minimum. I also used to use my main phone for recording things too. Cannot do that on the Moto G as it dos not have the memory.

So I need something that is waterproof, has far bigger memory, SD card slot and with a better battery.

I have had an eye on a Moto X Force and this is the only one that does everything I want it to...

Except...I am hearing that thee SnapDragon 810 processor tends to overheat, though idiots blame Motorola for this and it is not their fault.

So I looked for the 810's replacement as it might end up running cooler as well as more powerful and this could be combined with a shrink in the chip's lithography.

Enter stage left the SnapDragon 820 ... umm ... except ...

I was just reading a weird report that both shocked me and then confused me and it amazes me these journalists get paid to write some of their stuff.

  • First off whereas the SnapDragon 810 is an Octa-Core chip, it has 8 cores or processors in one, the follow up 820 is only a quad core?!
  • They state that they have gone backwards, first I have ever known this to happen in tech, as it will run cooler and the operating systems and apps were not coded to run on a core or two?!

Do you see the deliberate mistake here? It does not add up! Because ....

  • Either they are telling the truth, apps and OS's were only running on a couple of cores in which case the chip is utter tripe as it was overheating therefore you were paying for an octa-core chip that actually did not even qualify as a hexa-core, 6 cores, chip. (i.e. over heating with 2 or 4 cores means it is not capable of running as a 6 or 8 core CPU)
  • They are lying and I have only just discovered recently that Mediatek have a 10, yup that is TEN, core chip! This suggests they are indeed lying.
  • At the end of the day each process running in the background will use a core and for me it is not unusual to have 3 or 4 apps running and the operating system, Android/iOS/Windows, to run on an absolute minimum of 2 cores and should use 3 or 4
  • Full Windows and other Operating Systems like Linux and MacOS and software like that used in 3D Modelling, like 3D Studio Max and Soft Image will use as many cores as you can throw at them ... LITERALLY!
  • What is going on as the above have done this for a decade and yet I ma hearing gamers constantly state you do not need more than 2 cores, I disagree on that number, and now SnapDragon claiming phones only using a couple of cores?!


Now what do you do?

Sorry but concurrent programming is not impossible, it might be difficult but that is why they earn the big bucks, and has been going on for whet feels like a lifetime and in a few years may well be.

If, however, you have a load of new programmers/coders that do not have the tech know how but produce a slow app, game or programme but want the money that 'AAA' and Professional stuff commands ... sorry but, NO!

When they do this and then try the pay to win or use crap I really get irate and want to contact them and call them some choice names while ripping the crap out of their abilities, lmao.

Hopefully I will find out what the truth is before long, figure out if I need to look at Mediatek's ten core chip, as I am fed up with phones slowing down or looking like crap after 5 minutes.

Good God, finding a phone that is suitable is worse than ever!

I wouldn't mind but I do not even have anyone to bloody well phone! LMAO!

I liked the sound of WileyFox, Honor 7, Huawei's latest ones ... oooh wait is that the Honor? Lol. Motorola with the Moto X's and I have always loved LG's flagships ... just that they are not waterproof.

Samsung Galaxy S7? Yup, nice but like iPhones its an idiots amount of money! Those phones should be no more than £400 as that is all they are worth and cost a little over a qaurter of their asking price to be made.

I hhave stated before I am not a gig fan of Apple's stuff either, except their laptops albeit still overpriced.

To me Apple eis a fashion item and your paying them for the name. Sorry but only a self lobotomy what allow me to pay over the tops money by almost double the amount so that I have the word 'Apple' printed on it somewhere.

I think iOS is bland and dated looking too. Just an app tray and I have seen friend's phones with dozens and dozens of apps and it looks an absolute mess. When helping them with their phones its a nightmare trying to locate apps on the phones, lol.

As the memory gets bigger this will obviously get worse still.

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