Monday, 20 June 2016


Well Mirrors Edge was another title I totally missed in my long sabbatical from PC games.

In fact I only learned of its existence when I read about the follow up, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, which intrigued me.

I was not entirely sure about this title, I have to tell you. This is because I have this rather annoying fear of heights, though I prefer to say fear of gravity and I have a theory on that like everything else.

That may sound ... well, weird but let me tell you it can and did translate over into games .. but not all games, curiously.

I had no problem in most titles or being up a mountain in Skyrim, for example. I did, however, get the shock of my life when my fear of heights kicked in climbing those ... umm beacons in FarCry 3!

Yup after the first couple I dreaded the damn things ... I still climbed them even though it got worse later on as they got more and more run-down and with segments and stairs, ladders missing. In fact I remember kudos to the programmers for actually making me feel I was up high, along with cursing them! Lol.

Dying Light was another one.

Other than these two titles I did not have much of a fear of the heights I was at and this is also true in the original Mirrors Edge.

As I was interested in Mirrors Edge Catalyst I did want to try this one out and play it through before playaing Catalyst and had to go for it when I saw it on Origin for a couple of quid! Was still £9.99 on Steam so I took the plunge and was looking for something else to keep me occupied anyway. Well in between going in and out of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt to finish the last fifth to one quarter of the game that is.

My Plays.TV program seems to only work at less then half the time currently but it did record a few plays so I thought I might upload them to my YouTube account?

I am stuck on this part where after a fight with a runner you chase them. Firs off I got my arse handed to me several times before I changed my strategy. I then kicked their arse a dozen times before I wondered why it was taking so long and then saw their gun turn red. Oh, so to win I have to disarm them?! Yeah getting a kicking from me for an hour is no good, lol.

Chase them through a building and then you have to do this console like button sequence, I hope Catalyst is not like this, jump-turn to wall-jump, spin, jump, swing, jump, climb over then chase. Then bloody relieved I finally nailed it and then yo chase them a long way then run out of bloody time! I think just as I was at the end of the sequence too as they were standing in front of me?!

Rage quit?

Nahh, some swear words as I was pushed right back to that jump-jump-spin-undress and run naked, you know what I mean. Still tried it another dozen times, pulled it off to my relief .... later ran out of time again!

Then I rage quit!


On a funny note I have had these choice people saying some choice stuff because I took issue with games they love, got how bloody sad can you get.

It got better when one with a similar name to a sad twat I knew told me to fuck off and call me a loser and I ripped him one. He did not take the hint and sounded threatening as well as stating he had a better history of gaming than I did. So I gave him my history, tester for WAP for smartphones, interview with Pivotal Games for Desert Storm series and then told him I had gamed on Commodores VIC-20 and Amiga! Oh and he said I was being disrespectful to him for poking fun out of his English. That is before pointing out to him that he swore and called me a loser and therefore cannot speak to anyone else about being disrespectful.

They are so easy to wind up. I do like to wind them up and watch them go, though this one did not bite and his very last comment was 'That's nice!', lmao.

Good God how I hate idiots and especially when they are idiot fanboys! Grow the fuck up!

Another one took the piss, well a couple did, out of my Witcher 3 gameplay and me grumping about it and pointed out I was shit. Yeah except other than the fact it was on the hardest difficulty and they did not think to ask themselves this, the video was from May 2015 and it is now June 2016!

Obviously quite a few cannot bloody read either?!


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