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I really am not up to typing this out as I am ill. I took receipt of two very nice Vape juices and within a couple of hours I was going down with my first does of the flu for a few years! Typical.

I have been wading through the Internet and YouTube as there are now announcements regarding AMD's Polaris, even brief one of Zen, and nVidia's Pascal coming thick and fast!

Only ... it has been a little odd, I am not the only one to have noticed and I am now wondering whether or not people are actually going to wake up to being fooled as well as being misled?

Basically nVidia announced there cards and everyone went nuts. Except I thought the cards sounded complete shite, many people missed an important point but some did spot it.

In fact I sometimes wonder to people's sanity and their own self proclaimed levels of intelligence as I have seen many arguments with the typical nVidia fanboys stating "The 1080 is 2.5 times the power of the 980!" Or they stated the 980Ti, cannot remember, does not matter ... because no it does not!

I wanted to chuckle each time someone then replied with "Nooo! It is 2.5x the performance in Virtual Reality, did you even WATCH the video?!" LMAO!

But then once corrected they are harping on about the actual 30% increase in power, so wwe have moved 150% to 30% or 2.5 times to 0.33 times the power.

Umm ... did anyone note the insane clocks?

A node shrink and insane clocks? I am sorry but I expected a fair bit more than that to be honest and I thought it would be in excess of 50% at the very least.

Oh yeah, and the node shrink? Absolutely everyone completely forgot about one other thing regarding node shrinks that it seemed nVidia forgot all about too?!

It wont be to scale but as an example 14nm is half the size of 28nm. They pay for the wafers used to grow chips so for the same money they get, theoretically but like I said not quite to scale, double thee amount.

This equates to being half the price of the previous equivalent chips. NOT far more expensive!

Yet there will be these morons that think themselves sooo smart that will fight tooth and nail to defend nVidia while being taken advantage of while their back is turned that they might as well bend over and drop their pants!

These same people were also bitching about AMD's Polaris chip and how it needs to be less than $300?! A chip no one has tested. Jesus Christ, do these people even HEAR themselves?! Do they even read back the utter tripe they type?!

So when I then saw a headline in a report that stated that AMD have just announced $200 for their Polaris 10 card I was ... taken aback and laughing like a drain! Hmm, why do we say that? Drains do not laugh, lol.

So all these morons would finally shut the hell up as the Polaris is not only cheaper than the £300 they harped on about but was a whole $100 cheaper than that? Umm ... welllllll .... noooo...

You see now what they are saying is that the card must be absolute shit to be priced that cheap ... despite the fact that AMD have clearly iterated and re-iterated many times that they were going to release the cards cheap, get VR to the masses and that everyone would be shocked.

Nope! The small minded fanboys who have no life popping off to anyone to get a rise out of them with all their spelling mistakes ad typos still troll around the Internet looking for someone or something they want to disagree with.

I will give you a little info ... I have lost count at the number of times I have wanted to reply and rip the living daylights out of these people and I ... resist. I think, no, no don't. They think they are smart but they are not and will not listen because they actually believe that their deductions are so good that they are both immediate and infallible. You cannot help nor educate people like that just let them go off and blow that same old trumpet.

All they succeed in doing is leaving one hell of a trail on the Internet that can be traced back for bloody eons proving over and over again that they are small minded fools.

But ... Polaris being $200? Wow, not even I expected that!

I am very interested to see how it benchmarks, with what drivers and if they are stable or not, as this might give us an insight into the faster cards from AMD coming between October and early 2017.

I like the idea of them moving the 'X' moniker to after the 'R' and doing away with the '9' and '7' as it was stupid and confused less tech savvy people. Oddly everyone is still expecting a Radeon RX-480X. Maybe a X Series Radeon RXX-480XXX? LMFAO.

I am expecting an RX-490 and two Fury cards and all based on Vega. You were told about Polaris 10 and 11 and have now been shown them and told when. Next is Vega.

I cannot remember now, was there a 470 mentioned?

I had noted that the compute units had dropped in number from the R9-390 which was interesting. I realised that there is a large area for increases in these CU's to 9 increase in number. A very large area and you just know that the top Vega will have more of them than thee Fiji chips? I feel pretty confident about this.

Hmm ... unless that ends up being the Navi chip?

At the end of the day they will both have to space out the increases in power, compute units and chip sizes until it is time to move on from both 14 and 16 nanometres and likely onto 10 nanometres?

Do this too quickly by competing too much and you end up with things being squeezed in without the proper engineering and you know what happens then, right? Things get too hot ... oooh wait a minute?!

Another things that everyone noticed very quickly was that when nVidia made their announcement o their 1070 and 1080 cards the Internet and YouTube was awash with them.

You could not move for all the videos and all the convenient memories of tech journalist fanboys, or on the payroll, for crap about how brilliant the 1070 and 1080 was. I was furious at the over use of the "2.5x" which was a load of shit and quite deliberately misleading.

AMD have an announcement and you would be doing damn well if you heard any of those same journalists so much as break wind!

Luckily and quite fortunately I was far from being the only one that noticed this.

Sorry but I think that being paid off is not only completely immoral it is the very basis for how corruption starts and is so rife. It is both expected and hated in equal measure and many times seemingly by equal amounts?

Now all I have to do is chew on my fingernails until October.

What's all that blood? Lol.

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