Wednesday, 22 June 2016


I am stating this is small as it appears to be thus far.

This may turn out to be something far bigger in time and mostly because most of the drooling people make the first few hundred comments because they cannot wait. Plus they do not mind bending over with their pants around their ankles to get what they are drooling over.

However due to the location of the link below I finally have something that shows that others are beginning to see that I stated bloody years ago.. yes, literally years.

Even as I am typing on my junk Roccat keyboard that keeps adding keystrokes I am thinking of the irony of all the ripping off that has and is going on.

Now I was not familiar with the prices of nVidia's 970 and 980 families of graphics cards so this was kind of lot on me.

I also want to state that I used to buy every issue of Custom PC magazine until I started noticing two things ...

  1. They were talking through their arses about what you can and cannot play games on which seemed to tally up nicely to the fact that ...
  2. Intel and nVidia tech was always praised, even when things surfaced later on about total bollocks going on with the tech. TIM, 5% increases in performance, 20% prices and other things
Now then...

I stated long ago that I stopped purchasing Custom PC Magazine and that despite the cover price being hiked beyond that of many books they were becoming biased to the point of lying.

Now they recently did a review of nVidia's 1080 and 1070 graphics cards, which I for one was disappointed in. VR performance was a big improvement ... everything else ... not so much no matter what reviewers say what ... they are blowing it out of their holes. The process node should have been better than this and some tests suggest it was a decrease.

Now the part I did not pick up on ... the prices were substantially higher than the cards they replaced, the 970 and the 980. Some have said this is not the case ... fuck ... off!

The other thing is that I thought immediately ... hang on a moment ... you pay for a wafer and that price is fixed ... so with smaller chip[s your getting way, way (no exaggeration here), way more chips per wafer than with the previous ones.

In theory this can mean that the cost of any one chip could be 50% to 70% that of the previous chips on the bigger process nodes. So how come the new cards have gone up by that same percentage?

Because they think we are are all idiots? Or because they think there are enough idiots to keep those selling at the overblown prices for at least 6 months to a year?!

Bot to my surprise on Custom PC's site a few commenters have pointed out this becoming obvious and not just with Custom PC Magazine. In fact they mention a number of the YouTube reviewers who are seen as the big guns on YouTube, like JaysTwoCents and LinusTechTips. Oh dear.

One asked why they had not seen one single mention of the high prices and that everyone gives the stuff the recommended and the extreme awards. They rightly point out that we are supposed to trust these guys to inform us honestly.

In some of the possible reasons in the comments there is the excuses that they have to rely on these vendors giving them stuff to survive ... well does that not then suggest that YouTube and Google are being totally unfair to YouTubers and Bloggers?!

Google? Unfair? Noooo, there's a surprise! The company that claims to be for the people, humane and fair?! Yeah, right.

So for me to see people actually saying this is like a breath of fresh air and relief that some more of the thinks I quote, claim and predict (albeit on another blog) has and is coming to light.

The other hilarious thing is that I was involved in a family argument for my Christmas because one family member who is into music tech believes all the crap they give out. Oddly it was about What Hifi Magazine and I pointed out that one review they printed was utter shit. Well blow me down if What Hifi does not go and get mentioned in the comments of the Custom PC Magazine website comments?!

I will have to bookmark that for a later date but will tell other family members that also thought the one I argued with was naive.

The only thing is this is small potatoes. I know it will take an inordinate amount of time for the majority to finally bloody realise that not only is this practice going on but has been going on for a very, very long time!


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