Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Hmm been waiting for this and it has finally started ...

... I am still waiting for ... this.

So there has been the first few days of flurries of news and as per usual all the headlines in the links say "All this latest and most exciting games revealed here!" or something to that effect.

Umm, no.

So far I have seen some re-reveals and ... umm re-re-reveals?

Now let us see ...

XBox reveal that was not what we thought and a slim version coming in a few months and the more powerful rumoured one coming in a year?! Hmm yeeeah think that out paid to all the Polaris rumours as I now cannot see Polaris as we know it being used in a console that is still twelve months away?

Polaris is out imminently, more versions in a few months along with Vega between October 2016 and January 2017. By this time next year we would have had a whole gamut of Polaris and several Vega versions out and everyone will be talking and speculating about Navi.

Though they could go the dual Polaris route I guess by then?

Sony said nothing about their consoles despite Microsoft announcing two.

Still nice t have it confirmed even if I never took part in the slabs of plastic since the Atari 2600!


Mass Effect Andromeda ... again. More footage, looks good.

Battlefield 1 we knew about.

Ghost Recon Wildlands ... again.

For Honor ... again.

Horizon Zero Dawn ... again and not on PC anyway.

State of Decay 2 ... oh OK that looked cool ... but it is zombies ... yet again. Have they ran out of ideas? Lol.

Titanfall 2 we knew about but its single player makes it semi-interesting.

Dishonored ... again and this one I am waiting for.

Elder Scrolls 6 being worked on .... well, duh!

Elder Scrolls Skyrim ... again ... wait, what?!

Resident Evil 7 ... again ... but with a full name and probably not on PC.

Star Wars game we are still only aware of the fact it is a Star Wars game ... again.

FIFA 17 ... yawn! Wait ... it has a what?!

Madden ... at least I understand football ... sorry I mean soccer.

Quake ... again, oh cool but I think it will probably turn out to be Quake Arena ... again.

Prey ... again. Wait ... thought this was cancelled? Now it looks one of the two interesting games announced at E3 this year?

Gears Of War 4 again.

Was there a Gods Of War or something?

Scalebound ... again.

Dead Rising 4. OK sort of interesting and new but it is the 'Z' word for the millionth time.

Gwent... umm Gwent?! Running 750 watt system for a ... CARD GAME?! Yeah right, next!

Tekken ... YAWN!

Just Dance ... oh for the love of ...

Watchdogs 2 we knew about and hopefully will be better received than the last one?

Detroit Become Human again but looks damn interesting ... oooh wait ... yeeeah not on PC, lol.

Call Of Duty again, again, again.

Some interesting sounding VR titles like the Batman one and X-Wing.

Crash Ban... oh why bother, lol.

Farpoint I did not see much about ... probably a console exclusive?

Might have missed a few and I hope some people have at least been excited by the announcements but it has not really done much for me thus far.

Hopefully there might be one or two things before it finishes?

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