Wednesday, 8 March 2017


I was watching a very sensible video by JayzTwoCents about Ryzen and I remembered something I saw a lot.

I saw repeated many times an attack on AMD fans by Intel fans and it normally went something like or similar to the following...

Before Ryzen launched ...

AMD Fanboys: Ryzen is going to smash Intel in gaming

After Ryzen launched ...

AMD Fanboys: Oh it still smashes Intel because it beats it in everything but gaming

Although the actual quotes were normally a lot more insulting than that.

This was annoying to remember this, unlike PC's I do have memory problems, lol. No, literally, lol. Anyway ...

They are crowing about these statements before even the first lot of four types of dust settle on the AMD AM4 and Ryzen launch. However let us look at the facts shall we?

Yeah ... AMD only quoted for a very long time that they were aiming for and confident they would achieve a 40% improvement in IPC (Instructions Per Clock). Oh and by the way ... another things I have remembered is everyone goes on about clock speed when talking about instructions per clock.


It is instructions PER clock. Now if you want to come up with your term of instructions per SECOND then you might have an argument. Dumb-arses. If IPC is identical or very near to each other then it will come down to clock speed. But clock speed has absolutely nothing at all to do with IPC.

Now that is out of the way back to that 40%.

Now for around two years this is what I saw some very prominent Intel fanboys state on all kinds of tech sites ...

Before Ryzen launched ...

Prominent Intel Fanboy: Nope, it is all bullshit. I am telling you [insert lots of technical terms here] is the reason why they are talking bullshit. It wont match Iv Bridge, let alone Haswell.

Hmm did I ever tell you my surname is Haswell, if that is not a reason to be an Intel fan I do not know what is. But I am a tech fan. After being a tech fan a price fan comes second to that. Anything else is beyond common sense and damn right bloody stupid.

After Ryzen launched ...

Intel Fanboys left as the prominent ones disappeared or changed their long term usernames: Oh Ryzen is a failure because despite it being better at everything for half the price or even less it is only getting 120 frames per second instead of 140 frames per second in this benchmark and only getting 200 frames per second in this benchmark instead of 220.

Oh .. my .. God.

That is not even taking into consideration that they are telling everyone that you cannot use this chip for gaming for something your eyes cannot even come close to detecting but promoting a four core chip for ... well it must be future games only.

Yeah there is not a game that you simply cannot play, or even notice a difference, on Ryzen so they must be talking about the games of the future?

Yeah we have gone from ever faster single core processors to dual core, to three core, to four core, to six core, to eight core and to ten core. Forgetting that they have gone up way higher than that in the server market, now to 32 core and 64 thread with Ryzen.

So how about games?

Yeah well they used ever faster cores, then eventually dual core, and dual GPU in some instances of course, then four core and now we are seeing a few six core and eight core uses.

But no ... according to Intel fanboys it is not going to progress any further from now on ... cos Intel. Well you were kind of right but ... cos Intel prices which only ever went up.

The funny thing is as I watched the JayzTwoCents video I could not help but think about all the accusations towards him being an Intel fanboy and shill?

In all honesty despite concentrating on nVidia and Intel it never crossed my mind that he was a paid shill. In fact that never crossed my mind with anyone. Well it did only with Ryzen but then I realised that these people are not as good with tech as they like to think they are and they like to sound.

If people are going to be naive over their brand fanboyism then let them. They are the only ones that are going to lose with face and finances in the long run.

I am certain that the smarter ones will make the correct choices and time will only prove that while all the others follow the prominent fanboys I mentioned earlier and disappear completely or change their names so they wont get called idiots.

Unfortunately I can think of two tech guys that cannot do that.

And this is where experience, especially long term, counts.

When AMD claimed to be targeting a 40% rise I actually thought they would beat this and reach 45% from everything I was reading? I got that wrong as they were and have been hitting 50% and over.

Unfortunately many of the morons of the future allowed recent history to influence their gamble on bragging rights.

Ooooh dear.

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