Tuesday, 7 March 2017


I have been reading more and more comments in a very sensible video by Scotsman AdoredTV, nice to see someone actually making some sense.

In the comments I see many people claiming that optimisation because ..... well, bulldozer. I have also seen a lot of comments about how people want to know what is the best to buy right now, not for the future?!

Really?! I mean, REALLY?!

Jesus Christ ... please refrain from being noticed/public in these places as your only going to end up being 'butt-hurt' as everyone likes to call it. God help console buyers when they are first launched as there is never that much out and you have to buy these things with the hope that plenty of stuff comes out over the next few years.

Sorry but your an idiot if you buy a new system purely for games that have already been released, I have NEVER done this in the thirty plus years I have been into computer games!

Now let us clear up something else that ... well, many that are just making themselves sound like idiots are claiming...

Ryzen is not only not bulldozer but you could not get further away form this if you tried. It goes back to the olld way of processing, using simultaneous multi-threading like Intel chips...

Except ... from what is now coming out from a few Linux guys AMD's SMT is actually looking, and is claimed to be, far better than Intel's hyper-threading.

Now if this is the case that SMT is better than HT I can tell you here and now that this could make any optimisations extremely interesting.

One guy also complained about how everything is down to AMD to optimise? Umm..no.

AMD can help in the optimisation process but it is Microsoft with the Windows scheduler, motherboard manufacturers with BIOS updates and game developers with patches that will do most of the work. AMD can do a little tweaking, yes for sure.

Now another list ...

  1. AMD need to work in improving Ryzen, no ifs or buts about it
  2. Motherboard manufacturers the same as above
  3. Game developers have expressed their excitement as things can finally move on now with 8 cores and 16 threads being taken up quickly so they will
  4. Microsoft simply has to ... end of story ... or lose more people to Linux for starters
AMD had to have a success on its hands with Ryzen due to the last 5 to 10 years, another factor missed by many.

Now AdoredTV showed something I was not aware of and that over time the bulldozer CPUs actually improved to the point of beating the i5-2500K, or was it 2600K? This actually really surprised me.

In the beginning it was all about how crap the bulldozer was ... when now it is shown that it was nowhere near as bad as everyone made out. I use a steamroller APU currently with Kaveri.

You simply CANNOT call out a microchip of any kind being crap purely because of a software issue and that's it and that's all.

Yes you can blame the manufacturer's software/drivers and all other things but not a CPU if it is capable but has not been realised due to this reason or that reason. The end.

The fact is that Ryzen is not bulldozer anyway and unlike bulldozer, Ryzen has a lot less ground to make up and in far, far fewer areas than bulldozer ever did. Once again another factor that seems to be missed by a great many armchair experts that love to throw around terminologies that make them sound like they know what they are talking about.

Oddly enough on that point one of the reviewers that surprised me with their tone and negativity is now getting a lot of flack over the same review of Ryzen that disappointed me, and that is Gamers Nexus.

Steve Burke had impressed me in recent times and I fully expected him of all people to list out all of the things that I have here and in my last two posts on Ryzen. But he did not.

Instead and like a whole bunch of others he promoted an Intel CPU that has barely got any faster than the chip it was meant to replace. Added to this it is still only using four cores which seems to have been this way for like forever.

I am not one to think that people are paid shills, the thought never crosses my mind, but a great many so called tech reviewers have not done themselves a lot of favours. Also to those attacking people that say this stuff ... well, its what they thought ... the end. Get over it and stop crying for God's sake!

Anyway if you want to be educated some more about whether Rzen is good or bad, a hint it is in no way bad, I suggest you listen to the crazy Scotsman who does a lot of research over periods of time ...

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