Monday, 6 March 2017


Well it came a bit quicker than I thought it would.

A sensible set of benchmarks of AMD's Ryzen chips by Australian channel Hardware Unboxed has been uploaded.

In this video and in any set of benchmarks it is important to noted when a CPU, or GPU for that matter, does well...

If your doing very well in half the titles and not doing well in the other half you simply have to take it that it is a software issue. This means that improvements can come, though in rare instances might not be possible, from optimisations.

So as the Ryzen is a new tech, optimisations are obviously needed and bios updates obviously needed we can list a number of things you can expect over the next few months.

Now I am going to list a number of things that will take place over the next few months and the very first is Windows optimisations to their scheduler.

It has been discovered, shown factually by Joker's video, that Windows is seeing the extra threads as actual cores. There is a bit of a kerfuffle their when it comes to using cache memory. The extre simultaneous threads do not have their own so I am going with the fact here that their are some mistakes going on with loading data to cache memory. A number of people have highlighted this fact and kudos to them for spotting that. May or may not have been helped by Joker's video?

  1. Windows Scheduler Updates
  2. BIOS Update
  3. Game Updates
  4. Lithography (Node) Maturing
  5. And the one that supposed Game and Tech reviewers missed is that FUTURE GAMES will not only be coded with Ryzen in mind but with far more cores utilised as, as of right now, the number of 8 core processors used by gamers (smart gamers) is increasing and probably exponentially over the next 6 months!!

As for some things being reported by the likes of Salazar Studio and going on in the comments there are threats being made. Even some to Gamer Nexus.

Not cool and stupid.

Yeah OK, despite his normally sounding very understanding of technology, and this is where you can get into hot water here, that Steve Burke from Gamer's Nexus did miss a few things which in all honesty surprised me.

I did not automatically think he was being paid off by Intel, as some or many have stated is their belief. I just realised that there were things he did not ... let us say 'see'.

Here is an example ... someone once said to me after I built my last computer rig, simple budget affair, that a friend into PC's told him that building a PC was easy. I said "Anything is easy if you know how to do it" to which he thought about it and said "Well, that's true".

If you know how to chuck around technical info you sound like you know what you are talking about but does not necessarily mean that you do. You can also over analyse things too and end up in a situation where you cannot see the wood for the trees. This can and will be made worse by rushing to get your videos out of the door.

In these situations the best thing to do is to do follow up videos once you have had a chance to do some more thinking, testing and research.

If you do not it does not help your cause if suddenly 300 odd software houses come out and say shit that makes you look or sound even more like you do not know what you are talking about.

Sometimes getting to the right conclusion takes time and not just in computing either.

Also there is this issues of telling people to wait until the games come out optimised for a chip of some kind .. no, just no. It does not work like that. Do you tell people to not buy Playstations or XBoxes until all the games come out?

With cheap 8 and 6 core multithreaded processors you need enough of them out there for PC games to move forwards. Telling people to carry on buying four core processors will only stagnate games coding .... after all can you run Crysis yet?!

EDIT: It has not gone unnoticed that a row might be about to brew up between two famous tech reviewers and I was surprised at the things stated by one about the other ... this was even more of a shock when I suddenly remembered these two doing a video together some months ago.

You simply cannot go around calling out others on what they do not know about tech, or what you think are mistakes, when you yourself have not even seen or quoted the reasons why things are playing out the way that they are.

People do make mistakes and yet someone was called out by someone else, even stating he should not be reviewing tech, when he himself did not fully understand what was going on. Weird and hypocritical to be honest.

As for the video itself ... I mentioned it in my last post and in all honesty I did not concentrate on every number being shown in the testing. I did not really care to be honest, especially  on the Intel side. What caught my attention was the low percentages that Ryzen cores and threads were being utilised. That was the only metric I needed ... well of course in relation to the Intel CPU's cores and threads of course.

This pointed out to me straight away that something was going awry on a software level and since I spotted that many have stated about Windows Scheduling and upon hearing that my brain just said "Of course, you dumb-arse" referring to myself not realising this when I saw the numbers.

I have admittedly been out of all this a long time and have only been back in it ... lightly.

Though I did do a BSs Applied Computing (software) Degree and was into hardware in a big way and spent four years talking about that with other students.

I built an Athlon 64x2 right, I think it was, and with two Geforce 6800GT's in SLI with a Raid 0 array of two WD Raptors long before Custom PC Magazine (spit) did an article on it.

I also dual booted Windows and Linux (RedHat 4.5 I think) long before I built that rig. I remember one lecturer I was friendly with telling me that dual booting was hard and would take me a week to work out and that I should not do it because I was studying. Took me 48 hours.



Anyone getting the Gigabyte Aorus X370 motherboard be very careful using G Skills RAM, the one with the fancy RGB lighting.

A dutch guy built a new rig and one RAM stick died. He got ahold of another set and the next morning another set died ... just a warning, Corsair kits seem to be fine ...

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