Tuesday, 6 November 2012


OK so as I already stated the AMD FX-8150 bulldozer based chip was not THAT disappointing. Was a little but not as bad as people made out. Power consumption was the big deal for me mainly while the speed could have been a little better.

Well now we have both and best of all? I have seen this new AMD FX-8350 CPU chip priced at £164?! Considering that the FX-8150 was around £220 to £250 this is simply ... staggering!

What an absolute beauty?! I am salivating over a new rig I can tell you! When? Well that I cannot tell you?!        


Despite a few depraved, misguided and dishonest Intel fanboys, or possibly people on Intel's payroll, I have seen and read good things of the new AMD FX-350 CPU.

It has improved on the AMD FX-8150 somewhat while also reducing power consumption by a far degree too! Oddly I found some sites that insinuated that this was not the case with their graphs up showing hardly an improvement at all. These people masquerading and trying to rubbish the products of others this way in the hope of bring about its demise should be careful...

In my opinion and despite the fact that certain companies have already been fined for anti-trust and anti-competitive practises it is my belief that the people responsible, should they be behaving in this way, then once caught should go to jail and take to board members of the company with them. No ifs and no buts. I cannot think of any other reason why the power consumption graph was slanted in the way that it was. Disturbingly sad practises and what I find amusing is that their fanboys, the ones not on the payrolls, will react very badly towards a company should this come to light. As the company in question would obviously be doing it so that they can then be charged over £1,000 for a CPU instead of £300 to £500 as yes they sis used to cost these amounts once upon a time. Anyone that thinks otherwise is no more than a fool. But then this is what you are all being treated as anyway!

Still back on topic from what I have seen is somewhat of a relief and what I pondered about even with bulldozer I am not wondering even more about Piledriver, what if it finally gets that all important and long overdue DIE-SHRINK from the current 32nm to 28nm or lower still?!

A die shrink improves efficiency, though sometimes this necessitates a new technology to be implemented, ad reduces power consumption and heat. This allows clock speeds to be raised further still so in effect there is every possibility that a die-shrink of an AMD VISHERA CPU can see base clock speeds rise from the current 4.0GHZ to anywhere from 4.4GHZ and even maybe 5GHZ, the latter will largely depend on AMD surprising me with a die shrink that is more so than that going around the rumour mill that is the Internet?! Say 22nm or even 20nm. Who knows what these companies are really up to and it can be anyones guess, though technically this is ultimately down the the fabs that produce the CPUs for AMD and they are Global Foundries, once a part of AMD, and TMSC.

I presume this shrink will come in the form of the Steamroller chip but will not show until around October 2013 but I hope this comes earlier. Or perhaps Piledriver will get a shrink and Steamroller will have design implementations to improve things further forward and more efficiency.

As for the single clock brigade harping in about IPC, well I would rather have a 8 core chip that will handle multi-core programming when its common place than have an expensive Intel chip that in 3 years time can still run 2012's software and games at an alarming pace?! LMAO!!

I must admit I am now eager to build a rig based on an AMD FX-8350. I would like to hear of an advancement on the 990FX motherboard chipsets too though and even in a few months time it will be interesting to see if there are any advancements on the 8350 with any revisions.

Let us hope the next 6 months will be fruitful and pleasantly surprising. Maybe we can then say 'welcome back AMD you were sorely missed!' while the top brass at the evil blue empire rad headlines in the papers and choke on their caviar on toast! Hehe.


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